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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


I’m super impressed with the quality of the gifts, good job everyone.


dear billy,

the elves with their tiny elven baby hands finally finished making your gift. but I’m afraid it’ll arrive after xmas, but it’ll be worth it promise.



Those look like Torque Board Hubs 130kv maybe


Thanks so much Santa hehe really excited I’m using all of this I will pos a build log soon :grinning:


Damn you Guys!!! your all the reasons I love this community so much… I’ve double check the box, but couldn’t fine who it was, but thanks so much Secret Santa, you’ve just made my day :laughing:


I’m curious. How do TB hubs compare versus Jacobs and steelhubs?


Make a thread? Search? Ask the generous present giver, I’d be super-delighted if a stranger sent me that


@PredatorBoards they don’t. At all. They rely on a lot of small screws to hold the urethane in place, that I have found fall out unless you use maximum loctite which means it’s hard to replace the urethane. Also, the epoxy holding the magnets inside is applied very conservatively - I’ve had to go in several times and fix them. After a few months of testing and fiddling with these hubs, I got them running smoothly (finally). I’d say they’re good - but only if you’re on a budget and have lots of time for fixing. I made a review thread detailing the problems quite a while ago:


Thanks Santa! I really appreciate it. I needed new griptape, and the bearings I have now aren’t the best.

Edit: checked my mail box and found these! Can’t wait to try these out.


JohnnyMeduse and that’s Medusa, LOL. Do you have pink hair dude?


He’s about to


Jesus christ Santa, thank you so much

this is so thoughtful of you and it’s gonna save me so much money on mounts. These are really great-looking too, super compact and mechanically simple. What more can a guy ask for? seriously, thank you. you’ve made my week.


Enjoying the hell outta you guys and this thread… Whoever had the Idea, Bravo! I will make sure to get on board next year and join the fun.


That’ll be @Youssless


Sorry to disappoint, just regular brown…


if we have enough interest, @Youssless said that we can have round 2


Finally back home. Can now confirm, they’re TB hubs.

Thanks Santa!


Merci Pere Noel!
Trop cool!!!
Only a Raptor 1 deck!!!
Si jamais vous avez besion de quelle que chose en fibre de verre, demande moi!
Thanks so much.
Now to think of what I’m going to do with it…


Damn that looks amazing


Erm, a bit blown away!


Make an enclosure for it! Hahaha

Love those decks with the exception of the battery size limitation. Awesome gift!