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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


damn haha, guess Ill have to buy from the source


He’s pretty quick. Last batch were $10 a set (2 pieces) shippedb the edges a bit sharp so run a file along it a few times to burr the edges


Got mine today!

Even a french holliday wish in the letter! Nice touch

Much appreciated!


Damn peeps you are sure giving awesome gifts. Much love


Those are called “xkittlez”



Yeah, I got some too. They are great quality and will save your deck from bolt rape :grinning:


Obviously there is a huge difference between Xkittlez and Zkittlez


This community is something special… Feels great to be a part of this !


Santa’s facial expression is particularly festive. :laughing:


Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


Safe to say my Santa wins the absolute baddassery award. Thank you so much!!

@psychotiller I think despite my arguments about why the 5” pnuematics were a better option for teenagers, you were once again correct. I’ll be using 3D-printed hubs and 36T drive while I save up for the real thing


Somebody’s Secret Santa Sent Skikes…Stoked

Anyways what should I do with these bad boys(i feel like I missed the boat?)…that pulley is gear porn fo sho


put em on wide trucks and carve the hell out of them. just be ready for blow outs and the tires wear down quicker than you would expect. tons of fun to ride though. talk to @treenutter, I think he is still running some.


The wider the truck the faster the wear if you carve no?


Thats what ive heard, though Im not sure if its factual though. I’ve run 10, 12 & 15in with the same wheels and cant see a difference. But wide trucks make wheel bite less likely, with 5in wheels that’s a consideration.


Hang on let me run it through the calculator

Yep it’s true

There will be some reposting in no words just pictures thread I’m guessing over the next few days :santa:


Since the gifts were sent to my home address (I go to Uni far away elsewhere), I asked my family to take pics early this morning.

Paris trucks + hub motors looks promising… can’t tell what hub motors these are though.


Those look like Hummies. Although sensor cable end is colored black, which is unusual


Look at this cool shit! Thanks dude I’ll just have to make another build now!