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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


Mmm, I wonder if one of these with a slightly larger battery compartment could be made somehow…


I’ve been looking for one for over a year, the only 2 I’ve found were shredded.


I had one for sale a few months ago. Near perfect condition


I must have missed it or was broke at the time :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to build an enclosure underneath the built in one? sort of like a double deck enclosure? could drill a hole for battery connections. I’d imagine you could fit a beast of a battery pack then, no?


It could be, the easiest way would possibly be to mould a new one with a larger lump on the base.


@Blasto managed to make that deck fit 10s4p with some Tetris moves. The original 10s3p battery used a huge BMS, the LCD and charge port cutouts also added restriction to battery build. @onloop mentioned that “something” will be available to the Raptor 1 owners in terms of batteries since our cells are getting old at this point. I’m hoping for 10s4p 30Q since smaller BMS are out there. I’ll definitely pick up two. These decks are awesome even though CF vibrations are a bitch


The problem I see would be structural integrity if you remove the existing enclosure and replace it with another. This deck rides pretty high when I use 97mm with 3/4" of risers to prevent wheelbite. I think @Youssless idea of tacking on a second battery under would be awesome. make three of them, I have two of these decks


w00t w00t!!! I just got my not so secret santa present. Thank you for the awesome enclosure from across the pond @bigben.

I happened to have my battery at the office, this will fit it and four FocBoxes perfectly if I go that route!


Thank you Secret Santa, I must have been good to receive such an awesome sweater

the attention to detail is killing me, I love that you incorporated my board design into it.


It has been said many times, "It is better to give than to receive. "
Well, that’s because they never got such an AWESOME gift!!
Receiving rulez!!!

I suspect we might have actually been each other’s Santa.


Well… a second surprise came by the mail today, I’m quite surprised and pleased, I can only reiterate my love for this community, Thank Again Santa!!!



Good, now i feel a little less bad for offering your services for free


HAHA i was kinda wondering how that came about. Hopefully if it ever breaks you two are still getting along… :yum:


Next in line should be Mr Someone as the job is done :sunglasses:


i’m still waiting till christmas morning to open mine.


I hope mine gets here for Xmas! :smiley:


Just got my AMAZING gift from a not so secret Santa ;). Sure knew how to put a huge smile on my face (couldn’t wait to open it)


DAMN santa! this thing is awesome! maybe time to give the vugenhausen a break :grin:


Can’t wait till tomorrow then I will be at my house