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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


e-kangaroo tamers?


Hopefully it’s not a bag of milk :grinning:


nah nah nah

that’s a canadian thing. whoever got @Lionpuncher, watch out. rumor has it he sent a bag of milk


Bitch please. I BEEN slangin’ milk bags by the litre since before you were a twinkle in your daddies eye.


throws bag of milk to my house in US


TimTams? Maaaaybe?


2nd package on the way…


Well get it out of the way and send it…


Yeah, I suck at typing in the phone. Sometimes I write some.weird stuff :grinning:


Lol I do that all day long
My OCD forces me to correct it though :yum:


@Mikenopolis check your PMs please


Got mine yesterday. Thank you my Santa. I won’t say who it is coz its supposed to be a secret right?


What’s in it lol


Lol, I’m not gonna open it till Christmas.


10 seconds later he rips it open


@DilatedPupils gotta open it now


Seeing all the updates here, I’m giving one to someone (you know, the guy who took out somebody) : I didn’t finish yet the handmade part of your gift bro so I’ll proceed in two steps ! First half shipped straight from shop and second half shipped straight from me :santa:

Faithfully yours, Mr Someone


Ya’ll supposed to be posting pictures of the goodies



Is that what you got…