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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


well i can ship straight away but maybe a secret santa 2 is a good idea no problem setting it up @Youssless


I may do, and have it open to everyone if there is enough interest. For now, PM me if you’d like to be hooked up (I know you have @stormboard1) and I’ll see if its worth pursuing or making a low key secondary nice list.


I mean if someone wants to be a backup secret santa, I’ll take the hit. Send gifts my way.


i can’t wait! i love getting gifts from internet friends!



Thats awesome :slight_smile:


I only know of holiday armadillo.


yeah, and kind of relevant since moses was found in the reeds because he was literally a secret.


Secret Presidents Day :slight_smile:


Might as well do Secret Fool Day, with the current president in office


And don’t forget about International Trolling Day and Secret Troll. You guys are gonna love my gifts!


Best not to get political


Dude mocking the trumpsta is not even political anymore. Although i have heard better jokes on this topic before.


Harmless joke, thats all :wink:


I looked at the arcboard site. Couldn’t find a place to buy the wheels or pulleys. Do you have an in?
70 mm would be perfect for a pig deck build.


Did everybody forget about Robanukah?


Robonzaa!!! Drinking contests are fun :slight_smile:


Someone or somebody (the lucky SOB) has the 1st of 2 packages on the way…hope the hockey & syrup doesn’t interfere :slight_smile:


I hope my gift doesn’t arrive upside down.
(Bad Australia joke)


LOL best thing i’ve seen all day

did you mail someone a kangaroo?


No but I might have to ride my kangaroo to the post office.