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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


I sent this :yum:


Yup! Brand new set of Avenue Longboard Trucks.


As long as it is not one of the following
-being delivered to a neighborhood with known package thefts and a notice is left - will say notice left at x address

-require a signature and person is not present and a notice is left…

-internatioal shipping from any European countries to US that get transferred to USPS for delivery will require signature otherwise notice left

Basically anything where a notice is left…it’ll say the address of where it was left online…so yerp


Them Avenues look sexy AF



If that’s a prostate exam shot Im gonna be upset :slight_smile:


If it’s a severed head ill be even more upset.


its a severed head with a severed prostate stuck in it.


Hmmm who has the most useful gift for them…


Had a mystery package sitting by my shop doorstep yesterday, turns out it was my gift :smiley:
Will snap a pic in a few


Ohhh @scepterr please do


Thank You Santa :hugs:


10 char


My gift is a well on the way ! I’ll post pictures soon


It’s going to be really hard to not buy 6374 motors and wsb stealth mounts with these sexy new 218mm trucks!

Thanks Santa!!


Thanks santa


Thanks santa!


This is a lot of spare parts :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you a lot santa! The belgium chocolate tastes great! :smiley: The other parts will be set to good use as well!


Damn there’s some awesome Santa’s out there! Loving seeing what errybody’s bringing in! Keep the pics coming!