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Raptor 2 hub or TB Direct Drive(DD) or SwissBoards DD


Nice idea!

I dont want to point the obvious but the ferrofluid could leak, etc.
Is there any protections against this?

(also want to apologize, i tagged you thinking you were OP of the thermal’s thread. After i realized, i changed short after)


Also will make the motor much much heavier.

There is also active cooling like liquid cooling, I’m a mechanic and a nerd so I have experience with cars and liquid cooling my over clocked PC. Problem is building a system compact and robust enough for a longboard.

Because of the nature and space of longboards I don’t think liquid cooling is viable.

Best thing imo is to use larger motors my 4wd 6374 barely get warm even after 5 miles of riding on grass and gravel. but I can get my 2wd set ups pretty hot on on the road.


Any type of water cooling comes with its cons, even PC cooling. Good to know im not the only #PCMasterRace person here :smiley:

oh god the fear of the water going through my mobo is… argh


easy use 1/2" fittings and 7/16" ID hose its slightly smaller than the 1/2 fittings but once its on it wont ever come off you will have to cut it off.

my home server is water cooled mostly cause its much quieter but its been on since 2009 and i have had almost 0 maintenance i just have to add a bit of distilled water and a few drops of biocide once a year.


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A big problem with water cooling is it is adding fail points. pumps ect. Also how to protect the radiator?