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Raptor 2 hub or TB Direct Drive(DD) or SwissBoards DD


Nice idea!

I dont want to point the obvious but the ferrofluid could leak, etc.
Is there any protections against this?

(also want to apologize, i tagged you thinking you were OP of the thermal’s thread. After i realized, i changed short after)


Also will make the motor much much heavier.

There is also active cooling like liquid cooling, I’m a mechanic and a nerd so I have experience with cars and liquid cooling my over clocked PC. Problem is building a system compact and robust enough for a longboard.

Because of the nature and space of longboards I don’t think liquid cooling is viable.

Best thing imo is to use larger motors my 4wd 6374 barely get warm even after 5 miles of riding on grass and gravel. but I can get my 2wd set ups pretty hot on on the road.


Any type of water cooling comes with its cons, even PC cooling. Good to know im not the only #PCMasterRace person here :smiley:

oh god the fear of the water going through my mobo is… argh


easy use 1/2" fittings and 7/16" ID hose its slightly smaller than the 1/2 fittings but once its on it wont ever come off you will have to cut it off.

my home server is water cooled mostly cause its much quieter but its been on since 2009 and i have had almost 0 maintenance i just have to add a bit of distilled water and a few drops of biocide once a year.


So many ladies squatting in the sand here, it’s excellent!


A big problem with water cooling is it is adding fail points. pumps ect. Also how to protect the radiator?


I’m too lazy to stuff my PC with paper towels, espicy in a s4 mini, I literally have to disassemble a old fractal design aio to fit water cooling in a s4 mini, sadly CPU only build

Why not use 5/8 tubbing it’s the standard in us


This patent stuff stops things from evolving tho. I started improving the cooling of the stock hanger but I don’t want legal problems so I won’t sell them or make further improvements. This is allready good enough to keep the motors a lot cooler when running on 12S. Is that really good for the community?


By having this already, it could void their patent application.


Yeah. Intel is also voiding it having coolers on their cpu’s :joy:


Perhaps , though the patent seems to have been submitted since last year though


I hope @onloop have bigger fish to catch. I’ll make whatever I want for myself anyways :slight_smile:

My point tho is that we as a community could have improved it a lot and everyone would be a winner. With patents and ip just like the phone business it’s ruining the community working together.

I don’t think the patent will go trough as it’s not new invention to add cooling fins to something to add surface area to air cool things. This is done in differentials, autoboxes, CPU coolers and whatnot. It’s like putting a wheel on something that didn’t have it before and patent that it’s rolling.

Just look at the vesc6 and how @trampa is trying to kill all development there with his lawsuits. This is not good at all for our diy community.


Seems really nice, CNC’D??


I don’t think aftermarket modifications would ever get on their radar. You need to buy Enertions product first to use your truck.

Hmmmm… However, older R2 truck and hub owners might have less incentive to upgrade to the new truck and hub kit because a cheaper alternative that takes away heating problems would be available.


Yes. I never got around to perfecting it tho do its kinda rough :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I’ll make one more when the summer comes around again in a few months. Would like a “rounder” design with deeper fins :smiley:


I’m sure there would be others that wanted the motors to run cooler or maybe just another design/angle on the truck. If the community could develop something we would eventually get better products but limiting it with legal stuff like this stops developers from bothering with it.

If I where to make these it wouldn’t be to make big money off it because I doubt that’s possible with such a small market. I think it’s fun to play with ideas and diy stuff… I’ve bought some tooling to do this hanger and for just that I could have bought a complete new motor kit from enertion so it’s a bad idea to make them but it’s cool to have made it myself! Would love to make more revisions and cool stuff to sell to enthusiast but who wants to bother with possible lawsuits when there’s no money to be made in the first place?


I’ll be searching for solutions for the thermal throttling. Because I can’t ride my Raptor 2 in grouprides because of the heavy throttling:

Such a shame I have the 10mm axle =(

I was already in love with your trucks when I had the older motors with less throttling issues.


I’ve got the tools now to run them in M10 but would like to hear from @onloop regarding the legal stuff before I make anything. Would be fun to help out and see if the community can beat the original design but all this patent/ip stuff might ruin that…

Now that you have temp sensors in the actual motors it would be much easier to quantify the improvements and test iterations. I have sensors here for my motors but I didn’t wire them up yet so I only measure them with a FLiR thermal camera when I tested them.


Reading back that kinda makes me think this can’t be a problem. Tag him maybe.

Bara’s heart truly lies in the DIY scene :heart::heart::heart: and you’re not taking any business away. Edit: My case should fall under warranty

Btw, onloops heart also truly lies in the DIY scene. I just think he has problems with other vendors copying his designs and innovation.


Yep. That’s true. Or used to be at least. You might’ve missed the not supporting DIY portion of his business model though. His biggest money makers have been other people’s work/designs. Just take the FOCBox (VESC-X) for example. It’s what he does and shouldn’t hinder others innovation because he wants all the $$$.