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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


The working battery I have is 6s


Your fine, you can config and run a vesc on 6s.


Thanks for your help. I’m working on fixing it right now. What I’ve noticed, is that when I manually spin each hub, one vibrates like usual both ways, but the other only vibrates if I spin it in one direction. Is anyone available to sort of walk me through what I’m trying? especially with the BLDC. I’m trying to change so much. I still have lights on both VESCs, receiver light is solid, not sure what’s wrong. I’ll resolder everything again if I have to but it seems like everything is hooked up properly. Also, I read about split servo connections needing one center wire cut. Mine is not like that and it worked properly before so any suggestions on that?


Looks like the new VESC is the issue. Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV8302
Current : -0.2
Current filtered : -0.1
Voltage : 24.86
Duty : 0.01
RPM : 0.1
Tacho : 3
Cycles running : 4
TIM duty : 410
TIM val samp : 205
TIM current samp : 25682
TIM top : 50955
Comm step : 4
Temperature : 29.44

Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV8302
Current : -0.0
Current filtered : -0.2
Voltage : 24.87
Duty : 0.02
RPM : 0.1
Tacho : 4
Cycles running : 3
TIM duty : 991
TIM val samp : 523
TIM current samp : 22415
TIM top : 43784
Comm step : 5
Temperature : 29.52

Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV8302
Current : 0.1
Current filtered : 0.0
Voltage : 24.87
Duty : 0.01
RPM : 1.0
Tacho : 5
Cycles running : 4
TIM duty : 554
TIM val samp : 277
TIM current samp : 24859
TIM top : 49165
Comm step : 6
Temperature : 29.54


My temporary band-aid. Thanks to @akhlut. The amount of stuff that’s gone wrong is insane! Lol


Hi drv fault needs to be send off and replaced…
Where you running foc or u u think 2 wires might have touched…


One vesc was unfixable but @akhlut fixed 2 of them for me


Do you know how you blew them


I wish I knew. But they were from Alextech who notoriously sells junk on here. He’s been banned at this point though.


What are you putting back in are they the same ones or have you to get new ones…


Get a couple of Focboxes and forget all those issues, the Focbox has some kind of thermal switch that protects the DRV.

You need to show us everything on pictures from the vesc programing screenshots until the soldering jobs, we might be able to keep you from. Blowing more things


They’ve been improved.


I need to get some time with that deck and a pair of calipers to measure it for a new enclosure. I really like the pan, but all the gaps between it and the deck throw my ocd into overdrive.


Baking tins are great so handy to pick up every store has them…you dont always get the size u want but for10 to 15 euros there great


I’m using a 99 cent one from the thrift store lol


So close


Dang you’ve just had the worst of luck! :frowning: So far the worst that’s happened to me is my controller got switched on by accident and the battery went below safe lipo discharge voltage because I had no protection circuit. Entirely on me of course, rather annoyed at myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope you find some more success after all you’ve gone through so far! That board looks pretty sick though, love the purple grip.


I kinda want to get the bumper guards for my board. Grip tape sucks on pennys. Any recommendations? My board is sexier now but I took it on the naked bike ride and got body painted and it got on the board.


That looks like a great travel board! I’d say go with the paint thing and make it look like a tie-die thing on the grip


You could try a wooden Penny board clone, what wheels are they? they look nice