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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


They are zombie hawgs wheels. They are awesome. I love the snazzy patterns on penny boards though

Street skating/tricks

So… I finally got the mount to fit the new motor but it’s not spinning. It’s not doing anything when I hit the trigger. It worked before I got it on the motor mount… Somebody shoot me…


Is the new mount significantly thinner than the old one? It could be that one of your screws is reaching the stator and shorting a coil. If that’s the case the fix is to get shorter screws or cut/sand your short


No, I realized it’s the controller settings. I started the wizard and it started spazzing. But the motor does work. Just can’t get it to work with the controller. I had to go but I’ll try more stuff with it later


Ok, so now my controller isn’t working. It powers on but it won’t bind to the transmitter. I’ve changed the batteries and tried on 2 different transmitters. So then I took out the old big one and it bonded but it’s got so many settings on it that I’m not sure how to get it to work normal. It was spazzing out the motor and I redid the settings multiple times until I gave up. Why would the controller randomly stop working right? It worked when I was testing it in the street, I packed it up and tried it the next day and it wasn’t connecting. I thought it might be the motor but motor detection was fine. Ugh…


Not sure if this will suit your needs but it’s quite durable, at

It’s metal lined


Nice, just ordered it. Great price too


Yep got 6 ft headed my way, my deck came with nose and tail preinstalled I’m gonna wrap the entire deck and integrate EL string


Still can’t get either remote to move the board. I can use the arrow keys in the vesc tool to properly control the motor but not with the remote. Any specific settings I should check?


So here’s “Pain” with everything working but the remote. So close. I really wanted to joyride for my birthday. Oh well.


Pics or It didnt happen :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:…jk but not really.

Which remote are u using? Ive got an extra winning that Ill give you if you pay for shipping.


@JLabs might be a good place for a new remote. I’ve heard he has really fast shipping



I’d do that. Is it with the receiver too?


Free is better than not free so I think I’d like to take @BigBoyToys up on his offer. Thanks though. Everywhere I was looking had either too high price or too long to ship. I’ve dumped way too much money into this board



Yeah receiver included. Just PM me where youd like them sent. I admire your persistence, :crossed_fingers:u catch a break after this and get a few hundred miles at least before something goes wrong.


FML! I went to charge my batteries and this happened. I don’t even know what went wrong. Grr :rage:


I tell you what went wrong. Your packs were extremely out of balance of each other and when you connected both packs the pack with higher voltage tried to balance out instantly with your lower voltage pack sending a ton of current through your balance wires. Thats probably what happened. Did you connect the xt60s first and let the packs balance between each other for a few minutes? Did you check voltage of each pack before hooking it up to a parallel board? :grinning:
You’re lucky you didnt burn your place down. Parallel boards should not be used at all imo. It looks like you have a imax b6 charger and you dont gain anything by parallel charging your batteries with that low watt charger.


let me rephrase that. Parallel boards should only be used on good cell packs with similar IR in each pack.


I didn’t even turn it on at the point. Soon as I plugged in the 2nd one they start smoking. I’ve charged them that way once before. I did plug the xt60s in before the balance connectors. Thanks for letting me know what went wrong. Batteries are probably done now right?