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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


I kind of messed it up, did it free hand and couldn’t erase, but I still think it looks cool.


This will be able to clean or erase anything off grip tape


OH MY GOD! price is $6.66 skatan will consume your soul if you buy


skatan ?? Ha ha ha ha

That must be the nemesis of Flying Spaghetti Monster LoLz rofl lmao


All hail Skatan!


I’m not sure if I can say who donated this to me but either way, I am forever grateful. :pray:t5:


That’s awesome!


Love the cakepan enclosure :heart:


Wow! Awesome gift!


A lovely Happy ESK8 Merry Christmas Gift.:grinning:


so somebody gifted you 600$+ ? wow that’s awesome. this forum is full of great people and we don’t even know each other ehehe


Hence why we should have an esk8 convention. When I’m rich and famous that will be #1 priority :smile:


I rode my whole commute today on the way back instead of taking trains and it was awesome. I gotta do some video of it tomorrow. Went over the bridge too.


Awesome: :sunglasses: people helping those in need…


Still a work in progress but I wound up frying my dremel in the process of chopping up the board.
I was trying to cut handles too. That’s where it sparked and died. I managed to get the weight down some.


Nice to see you decided to use my belt idea!

You are planning to cut a handle into the deck? Might I suggest you checking hardware stores for kitchen drawer handles?


You changed the deck?
If so looks good shorter, still think a jet spud work work well for you.


Changed the deck. Didn’t want to chop up the gifted one. Thanks


I want to make the deck lighter so I’d rather cut than add. Belt idea was awesome since I didn’t have to buy anything. Besides cheap screws and bolts


Just looked at the jet spud. That would’ve been perfect as well. This one was a bit cheaper though. On sale at zumiez. Perhaps in the future. I was also looking at this one. It has a kick tail and it has the perfect wheelbase.