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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


Yea, my main one is all my music stuff. That was the one Google forced me to get when they took over YouTube. But I wanted all my views and stuff so I kept both. Might as well make it eskate stuff.


damn ur a really good musician.

sennheiser 650hd?


HD 600. I like them for when I’m checking levels of tracks. I shouldn’t use them while recording though. I really don’t care too much for my youtube videos. Thanks for watching.


Sounds great! Mindi Abair watch out


I’ve showed your progress to my wife @Sapphirinia she is inspired that you ride with a penny board she has a scooter and soon a longboard. She is afraid of the longboard but she finds it inspiring to see someone else trying lol


Random post, but I didn’t know where to put it lol. In my broken-boardness, I went on a philly group ride and someone leg me use their inboard and boosted board. I hated the braking on the inboard so he let me use the boosted for the rest of the time. I definitely preferred it. One of the guys had a diy board but unfortunately, it kept stopping so he had to leave the group ride. It really opened my eyes to the security in knowing you have a dependable board. Like the price point is basically justified after seeing how much went into how it was put together. I still am anti-longboard because sharp turns were pretty much impossible for me, unlike my penny with a kick tail. But it does at least make me more interested in the pre-built ones. I’m no where near being able to afford one but I can’t bash those guys much anymore for spending so much on their boards.

My perfect board would probably be a combination of the two. Color and size of my penny, but with rock solid parts. I didn’t like the way you had to hold down 2 separate things on the remotes to go, and with my braking difficulty I actually had the board fly behind me since I forgot it had reverse. Of course there was also the carefully planned charge breaks that I wouldn’t deal with my board though. But I’m a vet and it was veterans day so we had a good time going to IHOP and getting my freebies lol.

Glad I finally got to do my first group ride, even if it wasn’t on my board. I think it gave me some more motivation to get my board up and running again. I was seriously depressed about my board lol. Didn’t want to look at it.

I shouldve started this post with “dear diary” haha :joy:


I actually love the metroboard shortboard and it’s built like a tank; I can’t see it ever breaking. Especially with 107mm wheels on it :heart_eyes: Tacking it around with the kicktails is a beautiful thing. I often find myself taking this board out instead of a longboard if I’m not going too far.


This one? It’s pretty ugly. Specs are perfect for me though.


Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. I have swapped my deck on mine and I think it looks awesome, but really the only thing you should be worried about is it’s reliability…didn’t realize aesthetic is what you’re after


I just think the stuff underneath makes it look pretty bulky. Looks really high off the ground too. I’m sure it rides great though. I’m after aesthetics and reliability. Also at least 18mph max speed and 10 mile range. I think the next version up is more of my style. The mid size one.


Are you still using hubs???

I love the look of your build btw!
Is it still getting fixed?


Yes, that one. The photo from @ATLesk8 is the older version. It is ugly as all get-out, but it’s still my favourite board because everything else makes up for it. It’s light and has a handle and dual kicktails… and reliability…


Not so ugly when you can’t see her naughty bits


This might be an option


Haha this is the same argument I use AGAINST pre-built boards. That guy probably walked home knowing it was one of X numbers of things that was wrong with it and can fix it before the day is over. Personally I’d rather go through that process than having to ship my board back to the manufacturer and be without it for a week or more. If the warranty would still be in effect, that is.

Pre-built definitely has a (big) place in ESK8, but unless I get a good deal it’s just not for me.


Yeah, I also feel like that this is a subjective reasoning to come to this conclusion. Inn our group of 12 poeple +, there are 3 poeple who exlusively ride prebuilts, myself included. And so far none of us 3 had any issues. (some toock our boards to grouprides on their maidennn voyage, some belts where loos or a mount but overall diy have been super reliable in my experience.)

I ride mine daily, to commute to uni and back, twice per day. Total of 25-30km a day, around (20 days a month - 6 days cuz of weather) 385 km / month. ( not couting group rides, joy rides or late night meet ups) and the only issue I had once was a belt being to loose.


Yeah, agreed. But after following @Sapphirinia’s build log I can totally understand her reasoning though. She’s had an incredible amount of bad luck!


yeah, its a bummer for sure :frowning:


10 out of 10 and also the clear winner in Best Use of Muffin Pan.


No longer using hubs but I do eventually want to fix them. And thanks, I’m definitely hooked on the way it looks. Still working on it. I have a lot of ideas but I need to make it dependable first. (lights, better fitting/looking enclosure, even if it’s just modifying the current one, sleeker remote, 18650 battery pack).