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Penny "Nickel" complete dual hub motors zippy 6s20c 3000mah x2 in series


So, hypothetically, if I was to swap out the strong motor on the new board with my old one, what would happen? Like the max I hit while riding the new one during city nav was 17mph. I’ve hit 18mph on my penny nickel. Would I wind up with a longer battery life and lighter board that way? I’m pretty nervous to change something that’s already working but I do have back issues, and my shoulder surgery was a year ago and not yet 100%


Well it depends on the power that the smaller motor has, but generally any motor over, say 1000 watts should get you to 18 mph, perhaps just not quickly.

More important than power, however, is the battery voltage, motor KV, and gearing. If those are different one your small board and big board, then the speed will likely be different. If you post how many cells the battery is on each board, as well as the gearing and motor KV for each board, it’d be possible to calculate your new top speed if you switched motors.


I was told the new board setup should get me 26mph. I’m sure it does but I don’t really need to hit that speed. 20 is probably my max, and only if I was on a well known bike path or something where I didn’t have to worry about cars, rocks, cracks, etc. I’ll have to ask on the specifics on the battery because it looks to be custom made. It’s really heavy lol. I was also looking into lighter wheels. I really like the way these feel but in the future, like maybe tax time :joy: getting something big and light possibly.


I went overboard with the spray paint :joy::joy:
I have my sites on a different lighter deck with a kick tail in the future as well.


It’s ermm…beautiful? Eye of the beholder right? I had to say something because you called my metro fat and ugly (which she might be) haha


It is UGLY! No doubt about it. I sprayed it real fast because it was like 19° outside. Then I tried to fix it with the glitter spray lol. I shouldve just left it how it was. But I have my eyes on a different deck.


If you keep the same components and only swap out the deck I can’t see you losing that much weight. I can’t imagine much of a performance increase from it.


Getting light weight is difficult. At around 11 pounds it starts to get difficult to get any lighter without sacrificing either range, performance, or reliability.


Ugly? I love it!:heart_eyes_cat:


Fiberglass/carbon fiber, lightweight. Merry Christmas to me.


Congratulations and Merry wishes to the new deck. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. :sunglasses:


if you put a higher kv motor on it will go faster. the rated power of the motor barely will effect speed. power is decided by the battery first (if they can put out the amps and not get hot) and then what the esc is programmed to send to the motor next.
kv decides torque and speed and the size of the motor will decide if it can sustain it.

that is a nice looking deck


Great explanation. Thanks. I love this deck


but if you had a really small motor then lets say on your full 10s or 12s battery going full speed on the bench lets say you hit 1000rpm, and on the road lets say youre only hitting 700, that would be because the motor is so small and if you increase the motor size but with same kv you could bump it up to getting closer to the 1000 rpm and that could be a big increase in speed. typically you want a motor that will do about 85% of the no-load speed when in use, and that’s an efficient place to be. so motor size can effect speed even with the same kv. …but kv is the real decider.
and you’ll get better range with the bigger motor. more efficient in that it has less internal electrical resistance and also riding closer to that sweet spot of about 85% of whatever voltage is applied.


Efficiency is guud



The commute I was trying to post sooner. I have an extremely cheap camera and it took forever to get it to convert to a proper video format. 6 miles stuffed into 20 minutes. Enjoy? :slight_smile: or not lol. I cross the bridge towards the end. It shows an example of the commute I was talking about. All music is by me.


theres no music. that’s my old neighborhood and I lived all around west philly. upenn you start and I’ve been over the bridge to Jersey on the side there, by bike. thought you were going to go over south street bridge but you go a lot farther. with no music and no nice camera with a gimbal its hard to watch but if you did those things, and choose the shots better I think, like looking more forward, because I keep twisting my neck to try to see where youre going, then could get through 20minutes happily.
that’s pretty funny with the polish on the screws. very girl I think!


Thanks for letting me know. I definitely put music on it so I’ll have to investigate now. Good to see a fellow philly native. I’m debating on using my phone to record. It has great video/stabilization but I really don’t want to accidentally bail and break it.