Onewheel skateboard


I’m also not good with coding. Learned enough to get my board working. Alex B helped me to get his code working on my Naze32 board. You have to use CoIDE, compile and flash his firmware.

If you want to use arduino+MPU6050 board check this I got this working also but I was not happy with it.



Working on my own one wheel atm, was trying a weekend build.
Everything is done, just need the controller. Diddent have a gyro laying arround so trying to use a microbit, but dosent have my hopes up



why not try using a hoverboard esc mainboard, they are cheap and the firmware is good to go ?


Looks really nice i must say! What type of motor do u use, what voltage and how many Watt?
And how many Cells are u using?


can u put up the parts u used? maybe the links too? it would be helpful😊


Im running it on 12s vesc6 with 20-30A
It peaks on 1600w or so, and seem to really strong. I programed a microbit since i diddent have an gyro breakout laying arround, but the microbit wasent fast enuff and also did software imlement ppm. This made it unstable and lagg. This was supposed to be a weekend project, but im stuck with exams for now. Il make an propper build thread and post source code and parts in late desember. Im using 12s 3p from old laptop cells 18650.


Im working on building my own vesc6 that are really small. Il post a propper thread when im finished with them


waaah. i’m very excited i’ll wait for that thread​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy: goodluck on your exams boi​:v:


Are you going to include the imu?


Great looking fwd to the build thread, which gyro are you planning to use? and what are you basing the firmware on?
would be good to develop the code to add features as they come up!


found this firmware which uses a naze32 flight controller and VESC to run the board

there is also a youtube video showing it working


ok I got the CoIDE and toolchain setup and can compile the AlexB’s code just waiting on motor and vesc
have ordered a naze32 rev6 as that is all i could find on ebay, there is some SWD pads on the back of the board, is this where you attach the stlink programmer? I assume some of these pads trace back to the F1 chip (swio and swclk) is this the same board you used?


The board looks the same as I have. Those pads should also have GND and VDD. Use a multimeter to find out which pads are connected. If that board is the same as I have you will need to modify Alex B’s code because he used Flip32 board and the I/O-ports are different. I can share my code so it should work ok. Alex B used two force sensing resistors in the footpads. I only have one pushbutton switch in one footpad. I’m going to build a footpad sensor with Velostat then it will behave almost the same as force sensing resistor.


Have you ordered a wheel yet? Or you still looking for people interested?


can you please share your code?


I have it on my old laptop. I will uploaded it today to my Google drive. I will share the link here.


Here is the link for the code

Original files can be found here


Is it possible for you guys to make a small write-up on how you managed to upload the code to the Naze32?


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