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Onewheel skateboard


You are from EU or US?


Would be interested in a hub wheel…depending on shipping costs, current shipping costs is the same price of the hub wheel.


I wonder how 4 of those hub wheels would do on an electric go kart


I believe they’re from a go kart


I would be doing this mainly for US residents. If I get enough people I can think about shipping to EU. So send me a private message if you are interested. Along with that put the country you are from so I can get a feel for who’s looking.


Not sure if 18 inch is too big https://www.peipeiscooter.com/18inch-450w-to-1000w-brushless-non-gear-dc-hub-motor-with-disc-brake-for-electric-scooter-phub-88.html


That’s what she said


Is it to late to get my name in for a hub motor? I would be interested if the group buy is still open. Also, I love the direction this thread is going! I would love to have a Onewheel but can’t justify the price. It would be so cool if enough people built one that we can have a rough design plan for others that would be interested. I really appreciate all the input so far, lets make this happen!


@goldenHusky Do you remember what kind of pressure sensitive pads you used? I can’t really find any I’m happy with :confused:


I would be interested in one depending on the price and if you are willing to ship to Europe (Neherlands).


Selfmade with aluminium foil and velostat @Flexo


Thanks :smiley: I made one and it works, but I’m having trouble trusting it to be reliable in high speed situations. Did you do anything to make sure it wouldnt fail on you? @goldenHusky


so in a nutshell, what parts do i need to build one? asking for a friend


@fafi.azucar I haven’t made one yet, but I am planning my parts list. What I have planned to make/buy so far is

  • Accelerometer
  • Arduino (mega I think)
  • VESC
  • Gokart wheel with hub motor
  • Led lights for the front and back
  • Batterypack
  • Aluminium rails
  • Pressure sensitive pads
  • Wooden plates for both ends
  • Griptape
  • On/off button


Check the popular links at the top, there are quiet a few build descriptions in there. Those helped me a lot to start off this project.


@ Dblaron, i’m not able to send you a PM, but i’d love to join the group buy if that’s possible!

I also managed to find spare tyres for this type of wheel.

What kind of voltage would do you guys prefer to use and why?


The hoverboard hack is brilliant, the self balancing hardware and software is all done and it even has a pair of escs , just add motor and done, well with a couple of hiccups, escs are rated for 6.5inch 350w hoverboard motor the inventer only got theoretical 700w motor by combining both motors and using both escs, These hoverboard mainboards are cheap what about overvolting them to 12s vs 10s and possibly upgrading fets to run the single aliexpress hub motor?? you would only use one of the escs and one of the gyro boards with no other modification
any opinions?


ok just found some more info on the cheap hoverboard main boards
they should handle up to 13s which will increase both speed and torque, so 20+ should be no problem best to upgrade fet heatsinks for extra insurance, standard fets should be ok but check ratings as they vary depending on what they can get their hands on!
this is all with standard firmware (propriety)
or another option is to use electric unicycle mainboard
probably very similar but these are rated around 60v, not sure how the larger 14+inch wheel size will affect things though?


At first I was going to use a unicycle main board. The biggest problem was that the the board had to be mounted vertically like in the unicycle on the side of the wheel. Could not find a different firmware where the gyro axis would be swapped.

I ended up using a VESC 4.12 and an old Naze32 flight controller board from a quadcopter. Here is the link to Alex B’s code that I used. https://github.com/blezalex/WheelBoardMain. Still have some work tweaking the PID’s but I can ride the board for short trips.


good work, are you going to further develop the code?
I threw out all my old naze32 boards!! all f4 now
I am good with electronics hardware but my coding sucks, am interested though done a little with arduino using their IDE any advice where to start? eg what IDE to use and how do you compile and upload to the board?? written in some version of C I assume?