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Official TRAMPA DIY build thread - Street and Urban Carve


Do you have the electronics mounted to the deck? If yes you could remove the silicone mat and check if it makes any difference for your remote drop outs. But I never heard about problems due to silicone. BTW If you use the new maytech remote (mtskr1712) it’s the remote, not the silicone :laughing:


Did you say the old grey remote work fine , but not the new remote black ? I test this tonight , without silicone . It is so load in electricity, that all my hairs stand on my arm, and that several minutes …


In my city the black one is not useable, drop outs all the time no matter where I placed the receiver. The steez (with grey silicone) works flawlessly even when placed on phase- power and sensorwires. Only downside is the big receiver and the price plus weak buttons but it is reliable, that’s the most important thing for me.

@trampa did you finish your build and have some more pics? Would be nice for people when reading the whole thread to see the final build :sunglasses:


If had time for that…
We focused on the 2019 MTB and the Orrsom and some other stuff that will see the daylight soon.
There is plenty in the pipeline.
You have been debating more reliable remotes for example.
Tomorrow I will fly to Göteborg to see Benjamin, Mid October London event on the Olympic Cycle track:
Summer swine stomp 2018 ( Hog Hill ) at Redbridge Cycling Centre.


Sorry guys. It looks like I have post it on a wrong thread.

I’m starting a trampa build, 200mm offroad wheels. Im going to use Unikboard mount kit with dual 6374 unikboard motors and dual focbox.
My initiative plan was to build a 10s5p.VTC6 pack. But lately i have startet to wonder if I should add two more rows. To make it 10s7p.
Money ia not a big issue even though cheaper it’s still better.
Weight on the other hand is getting out of control :(. 12s is also out of option.

So my questions are :

  1. Will it be enough current with 5p vtc6.or must i add at least one or two more parallel cells.
  2. what type of range should i expect 90kg myself. And guessing board also will come at 15 kg at least.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Fatos Blakaj


you can calculate your range here


5p already good
just like the range it all depents on how and where you ride.
if you don´t mind about the weight and extra money, sure go 7p.
will give your cells a bit less stress and maybe also longer live span.


Thanks for your reply Andy.

Thing is that I’ll ne riding mostly in gravel and tarmac. What i was wondering most is typical WH/km for trampa the rest i can calculate myself.


15-35Wh/Km, depending on your style and surface.



Like @trampa said.
I needed about 22wh average on flat road with a dual 6374 set up. I think to take 30wh as first start point should be good. Better calculate a bit more than you need in the end. It’s also better if you not always need to drain your battery till the last percent :wink:


Than 30wh/km is what i will count on. Everything better than that I’ll take it as a pleasent surprise. . :slight_smile:


Yes sorry forget to add per km for sure :sweat_smile:


Haha. I understood that so no worries. Sorry for sounding like a jerk. I wanted to say that that is what I’ll go for, not trying to correct you :frowning:


:sweat_smile: no problem, just wanted to make things clear :sweat_smile:


hi @trampa the laws may change in France. And we risk not being able to ride with our electric boards anymore. If this is the case, have you planned to get the necessary approvals to drive in town, and engrave a serial number for the boards?


Maybe it’s more easy to list here which requirements you will need to have to be able to drive officially on the roads in France.
The trampa company is not based in France, so I doubt that they know anything about law changes in your country.


hi @trampa

Can you please post a picture of the carve deck with the 16 inch trucks with urban treads on it.

Picture from the back with motors mounted.

thanks :slight_smile: