(new) maytech mto-6880 190kv ha c3 (for the hard core)

:yum:Hum ok … it should work ! (mini 5:1)

with a 10t (4:1),it should be 1mm more space.

So I would like to be on the small GB please @hyperIon1 :blush: (it should be around the same price as the actual 6880 190kV ?)

thx :v:

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Amazing! & thank you!

Are all of us drooling at the 6880 8mm for e-toxx mini 5:1?


I guess :blush: mostly for the 140kV about me 8mm … I hope it’s the 10mm just stepped to 8 at the end (for the 8T gear yes ^^)

I need to definitly fix this !


Yeah I’d like three of those 6880 8mm with 190kv.

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Working on it and I will get everything together and let everyone know. They are still 15 days out

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^ that is really important. This is the desirable thing and not a 8mm all the way, great point

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Yes, I agree and i suspect that’s the case but will find out tonight and report back


ok, I have some numbers and will create a new thread to discuss the MOR and changes we can make. New thread to come…

Just a few things to think about.

MOR is 50 motors

KV will be 160

the shaft will be 10mm machined at the end to 8mm x 34mm

phase wires will be custom length and sensor wires as well, 2.0mm JST

logo or no logo or custom logo

the manufacturing process for magnet gluing and stator prepping has been changed to accommodate the harsh conditions we put them in.


I will take 2!

I am thinking of a pair with 8mm shafts & a pair with 10mm shafts, will be able to take care of that on the 26th, hope that hits this GB

Cheers these motors seem to be the horse to back

let’s move everything over here.

What kinds of things are y’all doing that need motors this big? Honestly, I feel like I’m missing something.

After I tasted 4wd performance, I’m pretty happy with readily available drive trains in quad. Probably more expensive, but parts share wear the peak stresses and last longer.

Obviously, always push the limits because that what we collectively do.

I skate a lot of streets in San Diego, I like think I’m pretty fast. I still haven’t maxed out the board, and even with 2.6:1 gearing it has enough torque accelerate past car on steep hills in the area from dead stop. (I did loose a drag race to a street bike and a Ferrari tho :pensive:)

my limiting factors now are batteries that can deliver the amps for hard starts.

Are your builds a lot lighter because 2wd not 4? Are y’all 250lbs bruisers doing backflips at the pump track? Do you use these at peak power often?

Honest questions, not calling anyone out. I think maybe a build philosophy difference here. But if you all are doing cool hood rat shit without me, I’m going to be pissed when I see some of you in Colorado in June.

I mean, I get it; I would bug the shit out Dave for mounts that fit Falcon Heavy thrusters if I could get a pair… or 4, because Power.


Well, my build weighs a lot (15.8Kg) and I am modestly out of shape (84Kg) and I usually ride with my dog. So what’s the point of these motors for me? Hard to say, other than that I just love hardware. I also love to have a front row seat in the evolution of said hardware. Plus they look rad, run quieter than anything else I’ve used, and at these GB prices you can’t beat them

My opinion anyway lol


As far as I know these have a stator similar to a 6374, it’s just the can is larger to accommodate the large front bearing. The main benefit is increased durability.

They may be a bit more powerful than a 6374 though, just not quite as much as the size may indecate.


What they offer is an almost perfect isolation between the bits of debris that might get into a motor. If only for contact rubber seals, these might be perfect motors


I have an Update on the Currently forming GB for 6880 motors and the Etoxx drive. If you scroll up to post 33 You will see where I was reminded that a level 3 or above member can DO group buys. At first, I thought he was simply pointing out that NOT anyone can DO GB on the forum. Well he was not, he was eluding to the fact that I do not meet the criteria for this Level 3 event. Now In all fairness, I simply didn’t know and it’s not easy to determine with the info provided on your own profile stats and the vague requirement description given.

Now, what did I just say?

We can NOT orchestrate GROUP BUYS on the forum because:

Now, What does this Mean? I must hurriedly read 218 post or treads? I really don’t have the time. I’m not sure and im not waiting for it to roll over or accumulate to the proper release point for level 3 access.

What about the Group Buys?

As far as I can tell it can be done through the Hyperionesk8.com website if properly set up.



I will post information on the front page of the site with links to the products created for these buys. final specs and options and instructions on how to place the order on the website.

Because of the Transaction fees from PayPal if used you will need to add 6% if you chose to pay this way. Furthermore, you have the same protection through your card issuing bank and website (Shopify) for fraud and disputes at no extra cost. Please consider this option for payment to save yourself some money. But the choice is yours.

I will confirm info on motors 6880 on the webpage.

Etoxx helical drive prices

2 kits to choose from:

Kit 1

(raw aluminum) Matrix II Helical drive 10/40 kit

includes rear truck extenders

w/aluminum base plates $670 shipped

w/o base plate $570 shipped

Kit 2

(Black Anodized) Matrix II Helical drive 10/40 kit

includes rear truck extenders

w/aluminum base plates $770 shipped

w/o base plate $670 shipped

saving up to $300 off regular price if purchased alone

these prices are solid and our MOR is almost meet. so the more the marrier. This is confirmed by Jens all payments have to be made before anything ships. some variants have production times.

Feel free to PM me with questions and I don’t see the need to make a fuss over this with the admins, they are following the rules as we all should, I will have more topics to start and some really cool demo builds to showcase for Our MBS eMTB kits and pre-built line.

I will start a topic specifically about them, prices and options. please look for it. Titled MBS eMTB kits

Thanks for understanding, Cory

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What’s the difference between kit 1 and kit 2? Spec listed are the same but with a 100$ difference? Or am I reading something wrong?

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good catch kit 2 is black anodized

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