(new) maytech mto-6880 190kv ha c3 (for the hard core)

Is this also insulating the motor against water? In case of sensored motors is it possible to insulate the sensor pcb too? KR

easy thing, just add a drop off conformal coating on the sensors and the pcb. you can also take the nail polish of your girlfriend… will work as well or a drop of epoxy.


ok thx for the hint i think i try this on my old 6355 motors where i need to do a reshafting

anyone know if this motor has temp sensor built in or not?


Pretty sure it does

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I agree with acido, if you scroll up @PatRocks has some pictures where you can see 6 wires for the sensor. Presumably 5v, h1, h2, h3, temp and GND :+1:

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I have two motors with 6 wires but they don´t have a temp sensor… hmmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

but yeah the 6880 should come with temp sensors.


What is the 6th wire then? I always figured it was the layout I posted above :thinking:

the temp sensor is missing on the sensor pcb, the wire is laying till the pcb only.


Ah ok :thinking:

I figured if it wasn’t serving a purpose then it would just be left out, similar to how some Chinese hub motors are just missing a wire between h3 and GND

different motors, different config. we still don´t have standarts in esk8 so, everybody can do what he want.

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which is it? also does anyone have a pinout?

“presumably” is not what i need when wiring up a >£100 motor

It’s a Chinese hub motor

By the way. Maybe have a look at the maytech side

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The only thing which could go wrong is that you mix up 5V and ground and even that will not be an issue for your motor, but maybe for your esc :sweat_smile:


I will get @EileenMaytech to clarify this

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Not that this pic clarifies SQUAT, but there’s definitely 6 connections. Also, solder is ground flat and conformal coated from the factory.


Please check the 6 pins. Their sequence is 5V+, TEMP, HALL1,2,3, GND

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that looks good @PatRocks

do you also have a picture from the bell inside. would be interesting to see how the magnets are glued in.

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Thanks, this is super useful.

maybe it should be added to the product page somewhere :slight_smile:

I guess this means they also include the temp sensor?

They are in there pretty well!