(new) maytech mto-6880 190kv ha c3 (for the hard core)

I read they were rated 6450w? Meaning that if you had a monster battery capable of supplying the discharge necessary it would equal about 17hp? For dual that is

Ps. How are the APS working out, there was a problem with noise afaik

that may be, but the motors only rated for 75a.
so as long as you use only 12s you will never ever get to the 6k+ watt and with it it wouldn´t give you any advantage over a smaller motor. only that it´s more heavy and more expensive

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I’ll take that as the solution, been pretty happy with motors I have from APS.

So did the noise problem get solved with the APS 80xx motors?

As far as i know there only problems with the 8072 motors. The 8085 and 80100 don’t have this issue

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yeah, I follow the problem about the 8072 :disappointed_relieved: hope it’s mostly on high kV … I should test them before to send them to the drilling. I got them last Xmas in 60kv (but I’m still on the diy of my big hubs …).

But this 8085 looks so rad and mad. The feeling when you hit the trigger should be kick ass ! (I mean if its like ride with 5065 then pass to 6374 with same kV same setup, you feel an amazing change, so passing from 6374/84 to 8085 should be insane). I don’t but maybe if it is rated to 6240w at 14s with 75A, you could maybe try around 125Amps to get 6240W. I know it should be issue with heat or something like that, but if we could put around 90/100Amps for an sk3 … this big boy may could handle +110/120 Amps for some acceleration…
(I’m probably wrong, but I wonder)

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I was looking fo 8085 motors a time ago and I also was speaking with maytech about there motor. It was the unsealed version of this one and also rated to 75a only.
The said it’s the max Amp rating…but I don’t understand how this can be if the watt rating is way much higher. So the motor theoretically need to be able to handle higher voltage or higher currents than in the specks.
Still don’t understand.

I now went with the APS 8085.
They not sealed but with the 25% on the Black Friday it was a very very good deal.
The APS motors are rated to 150A and 15s by the way.


6880s on 218mm Tb with fixed mount :ok_hand:t3:


Those the 6880s?

Yes sr 10char

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Mmmm. Mine should be coming soon


Very nice. They seem legit. I should be able to take them out for a spin later today :grin:


Quick test run


So wait, are they here ? @hyperIon1 ?

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They sound slow you should sell them to me


I’m sorry I didn’t mention
I placed an order on my own probably just a few says before the group buy ended

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They’re slow! I feel like they weight the board down :joy::joy:

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10s ? 12s? First thoughts

Not really right? Lol

Cisco bought my 13S Evo and has since upgraded it to superhuman only