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New Hummie Hubs!


Oowwww…This is interesting…it would turn hummie hub in something like Carvon or TB new DD (that’s coming up)…If you do all this work thinking on different connectors, ABEC and Kegel…men… this would be a killlerrrr product. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Colson003 if you’re wondering how much top speed can be increased (to hell w/ acceleration) by merely increasing tire diameter with 2 motors limited to 80a motor current and 60a battery current per motor @46v, i’d say it tops off around 58mph…


with the speed being determined by frontal area no?


i’m using 0.6m^2 frontal area and 0.75 coefficient of drag


So basically, to run 6Shooters one would need 4wd?


This thought never even crossed my mind… Six shooters on hummie hubs… 4WD in this configuration sounds AMAZING.


In the near future, yes.

Bare in mind that I’m not even sure what the cost will be, and there could still be issues with the machining. It’s not a done deal yet. But this is the plan.


Shipping. The rest can get out Monday. I started shipping internationally with people who already paid for shipping.
An easy way to get it rolling is send me 100$ and I can refund the difference

And will get yours out Monday if u send the bucks for shipping in advance. If ur USA for sure will be sent Monday n u don’t have to pay as I think everyone did.


Yessss. Excited to get them back. Thanks Hummie!


^4 motors @ 210mm w/ 80a motor / 60a battery per motor @ 46v gives 70mph @MoeStooge


Dude I’m so stoked on this direct drive conversion. Getting tired of getting dusted by @FranciscoV and @jasonbhuynh. Running on 13s and getting loaded top speed around 32mph and these mfker flying by me at 36-37.

@evoheyax But what about the axle? The 107 need to be resting on something not just the flywheel inserts.


Smh if we keep speeding up we’re gonna die lol


How does take off torque compare to them?

Are you faster or are they?


Not sure. we didn’t do a drag race. I better win at take off with these smaller wheels at 13s.

me 13s 84mm hummies
@FranciscoV - 10s dual maytech 6374 190kv(i believe) 15??-36 107s
@jasonbhuynh - 12s dual TB 6355 190kv 15??-40 107s


16/36 107s 13s for me :grimacing:. Man. Can’t wait to see what your board can do on bigger wheels. You really need them ma man It’s good to have riders that like to haul ass @jasonbhuynh haha


14s. No can defense.


I think that if the axle was really 4041 steel and the end wasn’t threaded, that these axles would be an over kill. The problem still lies in my mind that they aren’t what they said they were giving us.

I could do an adapter like how the six shooters are, where the adapter comes up over the hub a bit, so it rests on the hub not just those screws.

I am curious to race some of these 4wds that people are putting together now. I think I’m going to end up doing 4x vesc 6s to maximize my performance and reliability. Max them out at 130 motor amps and 60 battery amps each. 12000 watts total.


^if the battery limit were to be 80a per motor w/ 13S (48.1v), 4 motors, 240mm it can give 80mph… @evoheyax


@deucesdown I saw the Unity passing 14S stress test and I thought about it, but I feel like the risk of blowing VESC is too high for an extra 2-3 mph. also 14S is not gona fit in my enclosure. I literally only have 3.5" of length for all the wiring, bms, receiver, BT module and 6.6s

@evoheyax yeah that would make the most sense, but i’m still worry about the flywheel adapter snapping since all the load of the 107 will be on it instead of the axle. it’s not the strongest geometry.


hows it going @Kug3lis

still on the todo list I guess