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New Hummie Hubs!


What are these called and where are you going to sell them?(steelhubs?) and could you tell me how the performs after you test them? thanks


Read this thread to answer your questions


Basically, the plan and update on how things are looking:

Everything except the bells have been machined. We have ordered the remaining parts we need for these motors and all should be coming in the following weeks. We had a minor setback again with the timeframe we were given, and the new shipping date is the 19th of December. As always, it’ll be a mad rush to get the wheel and core molds made. From there, we’ll be be assembling the first motors for testing. Make the final decision on what wind will be the standard, and get them going from there. The hope is we will be shipping before the end of the year to those who have ordered, though we can’t make any promises about this date. Those who ordered first should be receiving them first.

At this point, we might take a few more pre-orders if we run into a situation where we need more cash, but other wise, we are holding off with more orders until the kickstarter campaign. We are planning on launching a kickstarter campaign by early February. By then, we hope to have every glue we will use, bearings, and standard wind decided, along with as perfect as possible hub motor wheels. The plan is is to get a large bulk order thanks to the kickstarter of motor parts, so we can save some cost of the motors. This will allow us to finally build an inventory of motors so we have them in stock at that point.

We offered a $425 intro price, which for us, is slightly above cost. It was because of the support of those who jumped in early that helped make this motor possible, so thank you for your support and patience. That is the best pricing I think we will ever offer on these motors.

We have slowly ticked up the price as time goes on. This is due to the under pricing of these motors, especially when you factor in US shipping is included in the price. We are barely making a profit, which means we will never get motors in stock, and it will always be a huge pain for our customers who will wait and wait for small batches here and there. The cost of R & D has been well over 25k at this point in just costs, and on top of that, the 1000’s of hours we both (but especially hummie) have put into these motors.

We live, eat, and breath for these motors. We’re giving them everything we can.

The hope that by the end of kickstarter campaign to have identified any possible flaws in the motor assembly and/or design. Since this is the 4th gen, really 5th gen since the mechanical design changed drastically from the v4’s I’m riding right now, we don’t expect to need to make many, if any changes at all. So the hope is not to launch a concept motor, but rather a tried, tested, and refined motor with independent reviews from community leaders.

This time line is entirely relying on our machining factory doing the machining correctly. The samples they sent us had many wrong cuts, so it’s possible they make a mistake again. We hope this is not the case. If that were to happen, the time line would be pushed back 1 month.

After the kickstarter, we are not entirely sure how we are going to structure the business moving forward. Our focus has been all on designing the best motor possible instead. We are making no sacrifices, and don’t want to ship a decent product when we know we could ship something much better.

We will update when more info is available. Thank you everyone for your support.


Thanks for the update, Hummies for Christmas :smile::gift::ribbon::confetti_ball::tada:


Guys when you go on kickstarter …please… don’t pour urethane yourself …just have some to do it in a nice way with good typography so it looks nice and professional and not like something home made. Bare in mind people actually care about the look of the board too :wink: …just few cents from me.


i know that last molds and what evohyax is riding look a disaster but trust me we will have it looking nice this time. but the wheels I made before with the old motors weren’t bad looking.


Any plans for colored thanes? I like green for example.


red thane!


Red would be ultra cool looking and noone else makes red wheels that are used on electrics, other than the clones.


can do whatever you want. it’s just a couple drips of tint for any color and I’ve got tons of different tints sitting around. send me a pic of your mom and a scorpion and I’ll throw it in a translucent


fuck yeah i’ll take a set of @mmaner’s Scorpion Mom tires too.

I can’t wait till you guys have stock so i can start using these in my builds bro. I’ve been watching you for years now and i’m pretty pumped about where you’re headed with these.


Hell, I wanna set too. I mean damn, Its got My Scorpion Mamma in em :slight_smile:


Scorpion Mama edition. I am very interested. Please tell me this is going to be a real thing.


Sounds like a perfect brand name actually.


send a pic of your mom and a live scorpion or maybe I’ll find my own big momma pic to use. I’ll do one and post it up. We’ve been making prints of wheels and cores of different fit and waiting till these parts arrive to make sure they fit right before making the molds though


I’m picturing those suckers/lollypops that have an insect in it? A scorpion I’m clear wheels would be wicked :blush:


bearing fit was too tight so they’re making it a bit easier. 9 days! sorry.


Seemed to eventually go in, what disadvantage does a tight fit have? Just curious


When bearing fits are too tight, it causes more friction within the bearing.


I am very excited about getting these! Thanks for the work you guys do!