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New Hummie Hubs!


Are you sure about the weight? AWD and superflys, 24 lbs?


it weighs more now because he has this crazy foam topper on it but yeah. 24 and some decimals before it shipped.

hubs just move some of the metal from outside to the inside. I’d like to see a weight comparison of hubs vs motors with mounts bolted onto them.

The fucking raptor 2, a 10S4P with a slim sexy box, weighs just as much as my 12S5P base model scarlets which are rear wheel belt drive at over 3000 watts per motor and are right in the 21-22 pound zone.

They just keep adding steel into those wheels. Looks lighter, but isn’t. They’re getting some real power in there finally, but trading lightweight aluminum outside the wheel for heavy ass steel inside the wheel isn’t going to reduce weight. I doubt that’s really the objective at this point though. Right now they’re still just trying to surpass belts in power-to-the-street and flexibility.

also i’d like to point out that batteries, in the grand scope of the entire board’s weight, aren’t the biggest contributor. Cells don’t weigh much.


That’s crazy lightweight. My 2wd with superflys weighs 25lbs.

Well I tried @evoheyax board at SPD2 and that thing is crazy powerful and the best part is it’s super stealth both in appearance and noise


@Hummie Is the urethane hot-poured or mixed? Since you’re getting the PU done in small batches, I’m curious about how the final product’s PU is casted.


How was the urethane in comparison to your flywheels?


Race area was super smooth so can’t really say


i’ll weight my shit when i get home, i still have that monster board. I could be grossly mistaken but i’m pretty damn sure i’m right. Especially about Ru. I’m positive she’s under 22 pounds. We don’t talk about her weight most of the time, its not polite. I’ll even balance her on a coke can on top of the postal scale if it makes anyone drool a bit more.


Ok so maybe i was just a little bit off there lol

but my baby gained some weight too it seems.

they just grow up so fast i guess i’m … i’m… i m just not ready for them to grow up. sorry guys i get a little emotional


That makes sense because superflys weigh like 5 pounds. Bigboytoys 4wd carvon weighs around 30lb with 12s6p. Evoheyax board weighed less I think but with smaller lipo battery and smaller diameter wheels. Would be interesting if hummie/Evo made some ~100mm wheels


How does that 4wd board ride? How is that not your new favorite board?


seems like too much power.


If you could imagine an AWD Cadillac CTS… that you stand on…


:ok_hand:, sounds like my kinda ride.


Here to say thanks and update. it’s been ages and I super appreciate the people here who’ve helped me with design work and all the people who paid for these and are waiting. You are more patient than me and not one person has asked for their bucks back. awesome that you guys allowed this development and it’s finally finally done done. 15 days manufacturing time for all of them they say and i’ll be on them leading up to that holding them to it. so should be just before Christmas to me and really with this new design, and the fact I have a million already wound stators, I can pop them out to those of you waiting.

I kept doing changes for like the last 3 months it seems and finally we’re all settled. the sample they sent wasn’t perfect but they assure me the rest will be now that we’ve gone over every cranny.

(this isn’t the wheel actually and it’s a bit longer than this, and this pic doesn’t have the bolt-on flange part but it shows more whats going on.)

very happy with this design and think you all will be too.

and in new awesome news after sending an abec11 to the new rubber place for them to figure out what’s in it they’re now sending me new rubber with the same rebound as abec11. 75duro.

getting all the steel parts bare just in oil and will be “seasoning” them like a wok. gunna be nice


If anyone is in need of anything CAD related, hmu. I’m a Mechanical Engineering Student trying to build up my portfolio. I helped Hummie with this project, and I’d love to do more design work.


Just wanted to give you guys an update! We invested in a solid 3d printer to help us get through the final designs. Printing parts now to test designs and make sure there’s no issues. We already caught one issue which has been fixed. Hopefully, there’s no more issues, and we have motor parts in hand in less than 2 weeks.



Take my Canadian Pesos already!


I’m so looking forward to getting these. Gonna be epic.


parts will be done this week they say. cant be long after that regardless. at least its not two weeks. the long holdup has been repeated last minute changes. its been for the best.


Great one! I have the same one and prints are very good. Just remember that it adds 0,2mm in thickness to each wall.