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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


Holy moly wow I never knew coming apart like that is expected if you don’t use the spacer tube…

Edit: I’ve been trying to work it out and I still can’t figure out why the spacer tube would matter for the shearing screws… Can somebody explain? Is it balancing forces or something?


Because the brass tube is like a normal c-clip, without it, you can take the can out from the stator. Same thing goes for your Hoyt i believe.


Magnetic forces pushes can away from stator and loads would brake motor I guess or etc shit I guess :smiley: But my question then wouldn’t brass tube brush against baseplate of motor?


The motor bearing sits 6mm deeper than the baseplate (inside). The hole in the baseplate for the shaft is 10mm and the outer diameter of the brass tube 9mm. So with a 6.5mm brass tube it sticks out 0.5mm from the baseplate. Damn hope you know what I mean it’s hard to explain in english :laughing:

More and more I understand the whole construction of the SK8 motors.

Without the brass tube and no gap all the forces are on the tiny screws on the side which hold the can to the fan. It looks like plastic to me. So it seems like the fan or the fan bearing is moving. But still don’t undstand why only one motor has this play.

And the 3 screws at the baseplate around the shaft hold the stator


With me, it’s because the big bearing can move a little bit in the fan ‘house’, in the same way the bearing can move in Trampa superstar wheels. They are not pressfit.

Update. I only have this little play, when the brass/pulley is not mountet.


So basically you don’t want the shaft to have any space so slip backwards?

So then you’d place a washer on either the motor mount or the motor in that photos case and then press the pulley against it making sure there is a little tension on the shaft so that the shaft wouldn’t go out through the back right?

But If you have a circlip on then you don’t have to worry about that right?

New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review

It’s not the shaft only, the can moves as well

In any case you need the brass tube first and then washers if needed.

It’s always easier with pictures…

Normally motors have some washers and then a circlip on the shaft which holds the motor together.

The SK8 motor has no circlip, as you can see the motor bearing is 6mm inside

If you want to make a groove for a circlip or add washers you need the brass tube first.


And the bearing dosn’t get a lot of dirt…


Is the sensor ok this waterproof or do I need to waterproof it?


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