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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


As far as I know it won’t fit. I
m only running 6364 and I’m using spacers to get maybe an inch of space between the two motors


Just returned from work and made a short video, I think I have the same problem with one motor (I have 2).

@gaetjen these motors have no circlip that’s why you have to use the brass tube (you can cut it and use addidtional washers to bridge the gap between motor and pulley). At least in my case the rattle is gone but 1 motor can doesn’t move at all while the other does and I would like to know why.

My can including shaft moves exactly 0.3mm including the tiny screws on the side. I think they are bolted to the fan but no idea. I think this pic is from you @Ackmaniac maybe you have some insight. EDIT: the pic is from @Arzamenable or? :laughing:

Both motors are the same length when I pull the can on one motor (also the tiny screws on the side look better centered). But then the can moves/rattles. When I push the can back 0.3mm the motor length is shorter than the other but with mounted gear no more movement.

Even more strange is that when I spin the can the amount of movement differs.

@Eboosted I checked all screws, they are tight

Does somebody know what’s going on here?


Push the can inwards until there is no rattling but not too much si the motor gets spin resistance, then tight the axle a screws, use Loctite 680 between the can and axle


Do you mean the grub screw which holds the shaft?
BTW there is only one and it makes no difference when I push the can inwards and tighten it. The play is the same also without grub screw because the can and shaft move not only the can.


I also have this play. But mine is dead silent compred to my old crappy flipsky. I’m pretty sure it’s comming from the big bearing , since it’s only press fit down in the stator cooler.


No. I mean you need to push the axel towards the can, so you get rid of the shaft play and then tight the grub screw so the axle won’t back out


But you use the brass tube between motor and pulley/gear, right?
If so then there is no play when properly mounted. But good to hear it doesn’t lead to problems while riding. Maybe I’m just too much worried because I want to glue the gears. It’s just so strange that only one motor can has play.

@Eboosted now I got it :laughing: tried it but unfortunately no difference at all.


Yes i use the brass between… I just love this motor on my Trampa MTB. But they do love amps.


What’s your Motor max setting? I think I set 80A


I use motor max 80a as well. Compared to my old flipsky’s, wich was a little more punchy in the low rpm’s, sk8 has a more linear throttle curve. At least to me…


But I want punch :crazy_face:
l’m very curious how they perform…

They are also for MTB



Go out and have some fun, like a real Trampinator :sunglasses:


@rich Thanks for the video. I did use the brass tube between pulley and motor already and it helped, but there is still a little bit of gap to the side. It´s just strange that one motor rattles and the other one doesn´t. Tighting the axle screw didn´t make any difference


is it normal for a 6374 to have 45mm stators?


If the can still moves try following, remove the grub screw of the pulley, then push the can towards the motor plate. Push the pulley along the shaft back until there is zero gap between motor, brass tube and pulley and tighten the grub screw. The rattle should be gone now.

There a different type of motors available but in most cases I would say yes.
My Unik (Maytech) 6374 have also 45mm stators.


so what does take so much space?


So I’ve been running these motors for a while now on Marc mounts and so far, I’ve had to RMA two of them. One of them the sensors died. The other, well…

The screws holding the motor to the baseplate sheared in half while I was doing light braking. For reference I’m 125-130lb.

I had a third one that was starting to get a ton of play in the can that I couldn’t fix by tightening grub screws so I think that one was about to go as well. I’ve switched to Hoyt motors now.

Unrelated who wants to buy 4 brand new sk8-6354? :smiley:


Mainly the fan and also the hall sensor is placed on the front but don’t know if that takes more space.

Holy … that s really scary :thinking: Did you use the brass tube?


I didn’t, but isn’t the brass tube for spacing the pulley? Either way I feel like the motor shouldn’t pull itself apart like that…


This type of motors have no circlip like usual so they could come apart. Trampa motors are similar style and this is a page of their motor manual where this is mentioned.