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New Flexy Kaly Board


Now a bit more exercise


She’s a beauty man. Well done, that is the culmination of a lot of hard work and road hours.


Looks great, any chance you’d be doing another run on gears drives? Shop seems to only list the complete now?

You’re making Hotcakes there :grinning:

Never mind found the answer a few posts up


@Kaly What ply is the latest pic you posted of your new board? Hard to tell but it looks thin.


It is 15 ply
Super Flexy
Will test 4 different ply thickness
To choose 2


Nice, looking forward to seeing some ride footage to see the flex in action.


Will have some videos
Just crazy freezings today


Will you sell the deck only?


yes it will be availible


so frikkin sexy, i’m so impressed. Really liking the side concave too.


Is selling them on your behalf? Just noticed they’re listing:

That looks pretty close to yours


No, this deck was shown begging of last year already :wink:

Janv. 2018 :

Feb 2018 :


Ohh I didn’t know I just saw that was on preorder so I wrongly assumed. Thanks for proving me wrong hehehhe


:wink: thx to you to, I follow Alberto since the beginning of this project! So cool it is finally on pre-order, I didn’t notice that ^^…


For those who don’t know: is Alberto Ferrer, alias @fottaz, alias Eskating. :wink:


Yeah buddies, we have them in preorder and the pictures that my friend @Riako shared are the right one! Thanks bro @pixelsilva for the full specifications! all right

I’m just waiting a good friend that make those decks that unfortunately had a bad accident last year, almost when we catched fire…it has been a good 2018 anyway.
he’s recovering and he do the job on these decks. They are made by carbon fiber layers all handmade without any water cutting or laser. Hes the guy that will produce for us so we just waiting him to recover well and we’ll rock soon I hope!!! <3


Nice that you are on a similar path. :slight_smile:
Hope your friends have a speedy recovery.


@Kaly Looking to but these
Can you tell me if these come with the motors ? And can these be mounted to SurfRods 200mm or TB 218?

Also when is it expected to be shipped?



It says it comes with the motors on the link you provided. Also it only comes with one hanger. You’ll need to purchase another hanger from Ernesto @Kaly for your build that does not have the motors or drive aka naked.