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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


The SixShooter come in either 8mm or 10mm axle sizes. I’m more worried about the pulleys. The tire size would only lower it 1/2".
I may contact Dave and Alex about using these. I will keep you posted. I agree, those would really make the board!


6 shooters come with a single size bearing seat, you either use 10mm or 8mm ID bearings and spacers.


The issue is MBS has 12mm axels. I don’t know of 12mm ID bearings that will fix sixshooters. I am sure they are around somewhere


22x12x6, that’s gonna be a difficult find.


These might work…

Bearing 12x22x5 Metric Shielded Ball Bearings https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IK4JXJW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_1BWNBbQBFTB0M


Good find, They just might


The 7" evolve wheels work… You just need to put a speed ring(spacer/washer) 12mm on the rear axel before you install the wheels… I rode the Lacroix over the Williamsburg Bridge with all those huge gaps and No Problemo… I was riding with 40 psi… if the clearance is still an issue then grab the 2mm allen key and move the motor pulleys closer to the motors (I had to do this for 1 of the wheels)… You should be good to go…:+1:t6::wink:


Just a little head up guys LaCroix is going to take part to the Enertion World Tour in NYC (next weekend) and MTL Later in october.


Hey @Arch I’m not a DIY guy but I’ve been trying to figure why on the website you say “Hollow Axle Trucks” which mean Matrix II Pros but my build doesn’t have Hollow Axle Trucks… Instead my build has Regular Matrix II’s

I’ve asked a few of the other Lacroix guys in NYC and they have Hollow Axle Trucks i.e. Matrix II Pros… Please when you come to NYC this coming Saturday to ride with Enertion, bring my Matrix II Pro trucks with you - dunno why you sent a build out with different spec trucks…

Lightweight construction - the carbon fiber enclosure, the springless hollow axle trucks, every single screw and insert, the list is long… Every measure was taken to reduce weight.

@ervinelin Maybe this is the discrepancy that’s causing the issue with your light mounts… either way I paid for Matrix II Pros that’s what should come with the board… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


Thanks for pointing that out. It had slipped me and we just corrected the website. On our first handful of boards, we shipped with the Pro and then MBS went out of stock on the Pros (and has been since June) so if we had waited for those, we would not have shipped any boards this summer. So we shipped our boards with the standard Matrix2 (which are 0.07lbs heavier - 31 grams to be exact - they drill a hole in the center of the axle to lighten the PRO. It’s the only difference between the 2). As we don’t have any, we won’t be able to swap those - this said, please email me at alex@lacroixboards.com so we can discuss how to move forward and make you happy. Also, I invite any other LaCroix owner who feels the same way to do the same. Thanks and sorry again about this, it was my oversight.


The difference is only in the axle, I see no reason why the truck profile would be different… but maybe it is…


I don’t know Yo… I would think so but at this point who knows… I’ll see if I can put the mounts on my friends Pro trucks this Saturday… If they slide right on then we’ll know for sure… Thanks again for your hard work and for sharing the STL files… I’ll post my findings as soon as I know more…



They are identical on paper. In reality, they all slightly differ. When they insert the axles on the heated lower hanger, it sometimes creates a small deflection in the lower hanger, creating a very small bulbous area (imperceptible to the eye, but when you try to insert a mount, you’ll see the difference as sometimes it slides on, and sometimes it doesn’t). I’ve had numerous back and forth with @MBS on this and now that Joel is on the forum, he’ll be able to do explain it better than I :wink: @Yann can also testify to this as someone who’s handled a lot of Matrix2.


Indeed. The profile of the hanger is identical for all the Matrix II trucks, but as Lacroix brought to our attention (they install motor mounts on a lot of our trucks), there are slight variations in the profile that are noticeable when trying to fit a tight fitting motor mount on. It’s due to our CrMo axle insertion process. The axle ends are serrated before being press fit into the hanger. This interference fit apparently can apparently cause the hanger profile to flare out a bit in that area. It won’t stop you from getting the motor mount on, but some might slide on easier than others. Hope that helps. Let us know how you go.


Cool to know… but @BOOSTEDO couldn’t even fit a 2 piece mount on (mount split in two and just clamps together). I can understand the slide on one might be tricky but surely the clamp on one can’t be that far off that it won’t fit.


Something is definitely not right about that. I noticed on some Lacroix boards our hangers are flipped around (logo facing in rather than out). @Arch is that they way you do them all? If so, then I’m wondering it’s an issue of trying to fit a mount made for a flipped hanger onto a non-flipped hanger? @BOOSTEDO, try flipping your hanger around to see if that’s the case.


PS. All our hangers are flippable. It doesn’t affect riding performance. We just do a lot of grinds on mountainboards these days and the way the hanger is normally mounted gives an increased aluminum thickness in the area that gets the most wear from grinds. I haven’t seen too many electrics hitting rails so probably not a worry for you guys (never know in the future though). Just FYI regarding one of the reasons that Matrix II profile shape is so weird.


You know what… I was looking at that but got sidetracked with the hollow axel thingy… I thought there must be a difference between the Pro and the non pro Matrix II’s beside the axel… I’ll wait until this weekend (after I ride Saturday with Lacroix + Enertion)… I just wanna ride to be honest… after finally getting those evolve tires on I’m done… I didn’t ride my Lacroix for 2 weeks 'cause I was taking apart hubs and messing with tires, pulleys, etc…

I was waiting for the pulleys but those didn’t come at the beginning of this month…
No biggie but it’s DIY I guess… @Arch Just let peeps know you are switching up something and no problemo… Now about those missing gummy bears…:wink::laughing::laughing:

P.S. I do have this recurring issue with the brakes. Sometimes the Lacroix will break harshly when you start to apply the brakes. It’s almost enough to throw you off the board… I usually stop and turn off the board and remote and re-pair the remote. This seems to do the trick but it happens out of nowhere and is unnerving… I actually thought I had lost my feel for the brakes but it was just this glitch almost bucking me off the board that had me bugging… I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue but it’s like the clunk at the end of the braking sequence that’s related to Focbox. Instead you get that harshness or (clunk) at the very beginning…


This makes sense as I couldn’t get the one piece light mounts to begin to slide on… I was perplexed and decided to put my Evolva Lights back on the front trucks… The two piece didn’t want to fit either but hey what DIK this is DIY…

Hey @MBS can you make the axel a half inch longer?(1/4 inch per side) Reason why is there really isn’t much thread to secure the nut properly IMO on these trucks… The nut is literally hanging on by a few threads (especially the rear trucks)… I could never figure why there is barely enough room given for this. It may be fine for regular mountain boarding but for esk8 there really isn’t much room. or maybe a nut that’s not as thick would do the trick?

Sorry If I’m bringing up something that’s already been discussed…



I put dozen and dozen of motor mount on Mx2 trucks and yes i can testify noticeable difference between version 1 and version 2 (2018 batch with red shockblock)
I m my own mount manufacturer (www.overion.fr) and prototyped different mounts for others trucks and for different electric skateboard shops as Lacroix🤗
Difference between the 2 versions of Mx2 are:
-Section bigger (few 1/10 mm ) explained here due to axle insertion …but why wasnt it same for version1?
-hanger longer on version 2

  • hanger not centred in the middle of the top truck😱 —> no hypothesis about…
  • little assymetric M8 hole position (hole it s not at same place on left and right hanger side—> no hypothesis about…

Conclusions: Mbs reseller would be happy to know exact modification before getting surprise of newbatch🤷‍♂️
I m manufacturing assymetric mounts (one for left one for right hanger side) so I m following modification but it s boring …you can understand i hope so.
My perception was simply a decreasing quality of manufacturing process🤗
However MBS parts are really really good and stay the best on the market( as Mx2 riding feeling, rockstar hub etc etc ) I invite MBS to work to be better with stocks gestion , distribution and reseller communication😉
Sold out parts as Dylan warren boards at this time , no trucks during 6 months (automn 2017 to spring2018) , no hub for months (spring to summer 2018) , no t3 tyres during 2 months (summer 2018) It should be some good indications to go to a new business strategy dont you think?
Boards « Sold out definitively « show clearly a new batch of products to replace , as exemple, dw boards , but as reseller i am i will be happy to be online with​:hugs::man_shrugging: