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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Send me a pic if you don’t mind. If it’s our hubs and hardware on the truck then maybe something is wrong… should be just beyond flush. In the past I’ve minimized exposed axle threads to avoid damage over time, but if they’re actually shy of the nyloc that’s not right. And if an overall improvement is possible I’m open to it.


Thanks for the feedback @Yann . Love your work and appreciate your support for MBS.

Thankfully a lot of your input already made it to us via Alex at Lacroix and we’re revising several processes as a result. You can expect a dramatic increase in consistency soon.

Request for improved communication noted. Definitely can do better!

Stock supply issues will be sorted soon. The growth in demand for components from the esk8 community caught us off guard, but we’re on it now. All supply issues should be sorted by the end of this year. 2019 will be STRONG.


Its right the shaft is too short.

There is supposed to have a minimum of 2 threads out of the nyloc to be safely locked. I always check the nuts before each ride and some time a quick visual during a longer ride while I wait at a stop light.

For now, it lock OK but after removing the nut a few times, I will feel safer to put a new nut and loctite.

In the future, the worst case scenario: when a new nyloc nut will not work any more, I will have to work on and go with a castle nut and cotter pin


It’s very important to calibrate the remote each time you turn it on. Sounds like you’re not doing that - it’s how the board behaves when the remote is not calibrated. Calibration means; turn on remote, full throttle, full brake, turn on board, remote pairs, you’re good to go.

The full throttle and full brake part is very important.


here is the calibration process


Hi MBS I would like to also mention that on the MBS Matrix 2 that for some reason the left side of the truck dependent on which you look at it the bearing do not fit flush correctly.
There is a wobbly feeling which wears down the bearing a lot faster on that side.
After riding over 50+ miles I have taken off the wheels and the bearing feels loose like they are breaking apart. It’s on both of my trucks. When I replace it with new bearings they do not sit flushed to the trucks, they feel wobbly like the diameters of the trucks are not even. It feels like the further past the wheel bearing moves outwords the more play it has. Is that by design ?

I am in Colorado Denver close to MBS I can bring it by to show you if needed.


I do… I use the same calibration process as with my Raptor 2 and whenever I ride a Kaly… It just seems to do this randomly… Like I said you just don’t know when it’s going to happen… Maybe it’s just my board… It’s happen enough times that I’ve identified it & know what to do to make it go away but it keeps coming back…


Interesting about the axle nuts. I received my LaCrox three weeks ago and had a look at the nuts tonight. It appears that all four are short almost one thread from being flush with the nuts. No wheels have been removed yet. Is this something I should be concerned about? I have maybe 25 miles on the board so far.


In case anyone wants to build a “Mini LaCroix”:laughing:


So if anyone has seen my build post on the LaCroix, my only real issue is the lack of concave especially where my toes are… I decided to try to do something about that!

I modelled and printed a 25mm lip right at the corner where my toes are, removed the tape, heat molded it to conform to the curvature, hot glued it down (temporary piece), then glued back the grip tape.

So far it feels much nicer, will bring it for a longer test ride but I think it’s an immediate improvement.

Not sure if I need one for the back, maybe not…

The final piece will be printed in TPU then siliconed to the deck with a fresh slab of vicious tape…


Mind sharing the stl?


Genius ! Just like we did with grip but here with the perfect modeling level … it’s Awesome man !
Thanks for sharing :star_struck:


@Mobutusan Shawn,
Followed your suggestion and made a duct tape protection

It’s not even that ugly imo

@MBS Joel, I removed the washer and that way the axle has 2 threads exposed

@BOOSTEDO Jay, my board came with hangers flipped, logo in, I think that’s because of motor mounts and respective grub screw. That’s why @ervinelin lights mounts didn’t fit. I flipped the front hanger and the slide on adapters fit perfectly. But back hanger is impossible to flip due to motor mount. So I just used rubber that came in the light kit.

Did 16km only but managed to go 44km/h on the main road.
The lights are only great to be seen, not to see the road.
So I use MecArmy PT16 with just a clip on my sun visor


@BOOSTEDO Hangers flipped!!! Of course it won’t fit!!! Why didn’t I think of that… haha

I’ll see if I can model a flipped hanger version…


I will, once I get the final version…

After riding a little I think the 25mm is way too thick… Have reduced it to 15mm…


Yeah I had flipped them Friday Night and it worked… And no rubbing from my 7" evolve street tires - I was so busy riding and having fun with these Canadian guys I didn’t have time to post my findings… Sorry my bad @MBS @Grozniy

If you make a flipped version that would make my year!!!
May the esk8 gods bless all your rides… Peace :pray:t6:

@Arch @Kaly


What a great time that was. Thanks for the memories man. See you soon. Keep on rocking (and breaking balls :wink: )



Printed the concave add ons (what’s the proper name for this?) in TPU so that they can easily conform to the curvature of the deck…

Doesn’t look too shabby… And now I know exactly where my feet are on the deck without having to look!

Btw, I only placed them on the toe side because that’s where the deck is the flattest and I have the most problems when doing very tight turns…


What kind of tires are those? any rubbing with the gears/belt? any adjustments made? @ervinelin