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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Thanks for sharing. That looks extremely well organised under there. Man, these guys at LaCroix have taken things to another level.


Only one receiver, the other servo wire is tucked away and hot glued to the side of the FocBox


Yes. my board came with all terrain . It feels amazing and you get more torque .Lower to the ground . And you must know how great ABEC 107 are and feel . The only negative thing is that since it is lower , you will have to stop when you see speed bumps on the street . And also turn are better on AT


Ahh. I figured. Yes. I love the feel of 107s. Ima have to try them in a near future

Thanks for your response brother


thanks man. I’d extend the congrats to @JohnnyMeduse for the continued help in meticulous assembly and also @Blasto in the conception.


That does look really clean and well done. Pretty much what I’d expect from these guys.

I only see one thing that concerns me, and I’m hoping it’s not what I think, but that canbus cable looks like it’s getting a little pinched/squished. Might want to reroute that down around the side of the FOCBOX.


Already done :wink:. This board was build in what we call the first batch since then there already have been some major improvement on the cable disposition.


As Johnny said, it’s been rerouted in later builds but for this specific board, it might be a good idea to reroute that cable to the other side of the focbox, near the motor wires. Send me a PM @Adam0311 if you need more info.


I got to ride one of these boards around a parking lot today… My God, it’s a thing of pure beauty!

I have a thought… To me the board length felt pretty good, but what did get me was the lack of concave. Feeling around with my feet, is it just me or does the center of the deck have slightly more concave than the foot placement spots? I can tell it does have concave for sure, just probably not what I am used to… And maybe this is good for the type of ride this board is made for, but I feel like even if the foot placement spots had a tad bit more concave like the center of the deck it would handle a bit better. Maybe it does handle great and it’s just more of a surfy feel I’d have to get used to…

@Arch, what are your thoughts? Have you guys experimented with adding a bit more concave? I’m sure it would mess with the whole design, enclosure fitting, flex, etc.

Anyways, besides that I thought it was amazing… Low, smooth, powerful… Just all around lovely… My board feels so boring in comparison.


I second that. And a subtle W shape would be awesome for locking to it when craving.


Never really been a fan of W myself… most W I’ve experienced is that hyper aggressive W though. But, subtle W I could totally be into especially on such a wide deck like this.


Problem with W shape is it remove lots of flex, which made it ideal for stiffen and lighten downhill deck.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

My other two decks are a Loaded Tesseract and a Jet Spud, both if which I have never ever had to look down to know where my feet are, something which I miss on the LaCroix.

I’m wondering if there’s something I can add to the deck to give me this subtle concave where my toes are…


If you rode it at Wheat Ridge Park the board was still in eco mode I had 88% battery life left after the aw some ride.

Here’s a funny thought


Did a group ride in Long Beach yesterday on my LaCroix, just about 21 miles and had 29% (34v) remaining on the battery. I wasn’t riding conservatively at all, but I did carve less than normal. About 200 meters was through some loose dirt, which was kinda fun.


if you need a landmark or a bit of raised edge to find your spot, can try gluing/doubleside-taping shaped foam to the deck. Something like this:


Can be quite effective.


Now that I upgraded my gears and mounts to HP fusion Nylon PA12 instead of Homebrew PLA2.0 gears I feel much more confident in picking up speed in the LaCroix…


What is your clearance on this? Glad to see another Lacroix on thane!


I just got some m3 cone fender washers and socket head bolts.

They feel much better than the phillips screws, and look a treat!


Why did you change the motor I thought you was using the sk3