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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Damn. That’s really nice! You’re getting killer range

On the charging side. My board has been plugged to the wall for the last 4.5 hours and still no green light :joy:

I hear you about the deck length on Lacroix. Kaly xl carver happens to have the perfect length
Lacroix could use at least 2 more inches for a better riding stance but it’s still a super fun and comfortable board to ride

I have to say. I’m still pretty damn impressed with the prototipo range Let’s not forget the fact that AT wheels kill your range by a lot compared to street wheels


Oh yeah. Fast mode all day everyday :metal:t3::grin::metal:t3:


We don’t have a longer deck, but this is an interesting point - making a slightly longer deck for wider stanced guys. How tall are you and what’s your riding weight?


Are you charging the board at work before coming back? I have the same weight (225lbs) but the max range I got (riding all the way to the board stopping ~29.8V) was 36 km and I only ride on the slower remote mode. Granted I have the 30Q version but still it’s 18 km difference, I’d expect a difference (real world difference) of 6 to 10 kms.

The deck length was one of my first observations as well, being 188cm the deck is just a bit short for me to get a stance wide enough that would feel 100% comfortable to handle all the power that the board has, but it’s something that I compensate for by lowering my stance more then usual so not a deal breaker but i’m always trying to move my feet further apart. Overall in terms of body pain it’s still the most comfortable ride I have even riding 36 kms.

Here is a picture of my 36km range test, the battery died right after I crossed a very long bridge (the one parallel to Champlain Bridge) and there were no roads for cars on the other side, so I had to carry the board back. I made a leash and halfway through I realized I can just push the board manually :laughing:


I’ve had the same thought about deck length and wish for a wider stance (I’m 186cm). When cruising or moderate speed carving, the stance is fine, but about 25mph+ I’m wishing for a wider stance.

The trade off of course is a larger turning radius and perhaps sacrificing some carving abilities…for my riding style it’s not worth it.


Please don’t make it longer! It would turn this nimble Porsche into a long wheel base Bentley for snobs. Pun aside, I understand taller people may feel a little different, I’m 178cm tall, and I would hate to sacrifice turning radius on it. Maybe since you all just got the board, you didn’t have time to adjust to it?

And regarding range I get about 36km as well on the 30Qs and I’m 175lbs. the 20700’s are something else.


I am 6’6” 290 and just ordered a deck from you guys. I would totally be in for a slightly longer deck option to support a wider stance.



Don’t make the longer deck standard. Make it as an option
70% of my ride involved speeds of 25+ mph
I’m 5’8” and around 160lbs and could definitely benefit from a longer deck for high speeds I like to push the board hard here and there
And yes. I agree. This is probably the most comfortable board I’ve even been on. It’s Like riding on a cloud
It’s a must have if you’re an eboarding enthusiast


Great input guys. There is no one size fits all solution but it gives us a better idea of what changes to be made on our future iterations. And what options we’ll provide. This won’t be until next year though.


I’m 5’11" and I weigh 225lbs and with gear probably 235 - 240lbs


I’m 1.83m and I’m OKAY with the length, might be good with a few more inches but not critical. I do however wish there was more concave where your feet are standing, but that might be just my preference because my other boards have very pronounced concave/wheel wells.


Yes Sir Indeedy… I have a Raptor2 exclusive build and it uses the same charger as LaCroix/Evolve so one charger stays at work and the other at home… I always charge up at work before I head back home - I let the board sit for an hour or so before I start the recharge for the journey home.

I was asking Pat and Alex for the @Maxaweli 20700B build from the moment I knew it was done. I knew from my Raptor2 experience that you had better get the most Wh possible to deal with the occasional hill popping up and taking the thrill out of your ride. The Raptor 2 can barely make the 17 mile trip home in R-Spec mode… But the Raptor2 is way more subway friendly than the Lacroix…

I have to check my tire pressures on the Lacroix and maybe use some white lithium grease on the axles and bearings. I’ve noticed on Summer Fridays as I’m only at work for 3.5 hours (I don’t have a full 4 hours + to let the Lacroix fully charge). I let the Lacroix sit for 1/2 hour to cool down so at most I get 3 hours of charging but no green light on the charger before I leave for home…

Yesterday it felt as if the board went to it’s lowest setting around the 15 mile point… It’s a slow drag incline for a good 1/2 mile and I punched the throttle but no hyperspace! The sublight engines got me up the hill though… Once it flattened out then the speed started building again.

On my boosted V2 I can get home (same exact route) using 2 XR(extended range) batteries with 20% left on the last XR battery… but that’s on Thane… 1 XR can get me 9 miles on pretty much the flattest part of Manhattan. 1 boosted XR battery is rated at 267Wh so 534Wh in total compared to 432Wh for the Raptor2 vs 666Wh for the DSS60 vs 786 for the DSS50+…

I’m glad I waited for the DSS50+ now I just need a longer deck with room for a bonafide 12s5p or 12s6p inside… Oh and a faster Charger!!:wink:
@pat_arch @Arch

Ride Safe!:pray:t6:


I’ve fallen in love with the smooth FOC mode, but I’m curious if the range would be extended by switching to BLDC…I have a suspicion it would. I’ve read FOC mode makes the FOCBOX work much harder.


Here is a future upgrade to consider. Not sure about the ergonomics, but I dig the unique look.


Meet the new Lacroix GTX


Tramps trucks? Did you use risers? Special bearings for these axles?


Yes trampa trucks , you also need risers . And 9.25 bearings


Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness that exists under the LaCroix’s enclosure…

Yes, I realize I’m in full esk8 nerd mode, but seriously, there is a ton of attention to detail here. Vibration padding everywhere, wires in orderly lines, double sided tape and/or hot glue on everything, FocBoxes sitting on aluminum for heat reduction. BTW, it smells just like a new car when you open it up.

@Arch & @pat_arch you gentlemen continue to impress me with this board.


Was your prototipo ever on ATs?? If so
would you mind sharing the riding experience on street vs AT setups!!? I’m super tempted to do a street conversion just so I can try it out.

Great looking board btw


Thanks for the pics!
Does each Focbox have its own receiver (for the remote)? I can see one hot glued to the enclosure but the other one is not visible in the picture.