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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


One of the sensors went bad on the sk3s, and I put the good one on another single drive build. And these are 200kv for a little more top end running 10s


Oh ok nice. I was able to find some of those adjustable base plate They coming in tomorrow :ok_hand:t3:


Where did you hunt them down? I reached out to SZ and they said they are going to probably do another run… I know I am going to grab at least a set or two. I may see if I can get a group buy going. It’s not like $150 baseplates are flying off their shelves…


I got them from here https://www.sickboards.nl/en/precision-trucks/889-surf-rodz-adjustable-base.html they came out to about 180 with shipping. I Order them yesterday and they will be delivered tomorrow they ship super fast


What is your plan with them?


I am planing on doing the same build you did fell in love it the moment I saw it lol.


Just got my LaCroix board yesterday. What android app are you guys using to interface with the Bluetooth module?


Ackmaniac App work just fine :+1:


I’ve tried using eSkate VESC but haven’t been successful yet


Can you help me with some of the settings Johnny


I’m on it, thanks!


well… I’m kind of a mac guys… but this tutorial is fo the Raptor, it work exactly the same for the Lacroix except for the Pulley value and wheel dimension

Here is the setting for the Lacroix


Just got my board. This is by far the best looking board I’ve ever had. Before I take it on the first ride, still have to grab a bike pump and fill the tires up with air. Can’t wait to take this out.

What psi are you guys using for your tires?

I still have to figure out how to tighten and loosen trucks, since these are so different from all the other trucks I’ve used before.

No stranger to high powered boards but if there are tips before first ride, things I should double check… let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll do a detailed review in another thread after riding this some.


I’m at 45~50psi. If I keep the remote very close to the power button it syncs almost immediately.


Got my board yesterday too!

I put some warning sing under clear grip.


wow nice! You guys are all getting the Sanyo packs! I’m so jealous now. Should have definitely bought the DSS50+. At the time I did the math in my head and decided that trading 60 x 30Q cells + $300 USD for 50 x 20700b cells wasn’t a good idea financially. Ultimately having the extra range is worth a lot.


I’m soo happy with my dss50+ Totally worth the extra penny. On the good side. You can still buy a second Lacroix and have 2 :grin:


I was like aw man😕


Humm the sticker on the Battery is wrong… those are 20700 the 30Q are filling completely the enclosure without too much of a gap… Also until this week all blue shrink pack where 20700 and Black ones where 30Q

Like this one


That is correct. Alex n Pat said they ran out of stickers therefore they just slap the 30q stickers on it. They also mentioned about the spacing with different cells.