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Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys (not bolt through), who makes them?


No pre-order for the new pulley, they will just be stocked on the site.

Jared, you need a customer services representative? I like my job but I like your pulley too.


There was a pre-order in May.


That was for the old style 36t Kegel Pulley. The ~10 people who pre ordered in May will get a $5/Pulley coupon to use towards the new style pulleys.


I will soon… I had to have people come over to help fulfill orders and check parts… will need a bigger space soon too.


No way you have some some 16t motor pullies enroute eh?


Raw pics…


:thinking:I petition for every hour that goes by where Jlab does not take our money for pulleys we riot


This is just what I’m lookikg for!

Will these fit evolve trucks without modification? (They would be for my GTX)


What is the Teeth# of the 2 pulleys?


Check his earlier posts…


What is the widest part of an evolve hanger? If you get some measurments of the hanger and axle I will be able to confirm.

@briman05 they are 44t and 32t in the pic


I found these measurements for the evolve trucks here on the forums and it’s accurate more or less according to my measurements as well … image


I’m not sure if they will work with evolve trucks then because of the thicker axle…


On a side note… Photoshop was shitting itself and needs updated. I can write the guides and grab a bite to eat in the time being.




They won’t work with evolve trucks because of the axle widths


I have a feeling im going to miss out on your current stock given the demand. Do you plan to continue to stock these as a standard product? And how long do you think for re stocking?


Awww damn …


looks like bkb website can’t handle all this traffic :stuck_out_tongue:



Also, call adobe and complain. This is BS that I can’t even use photoshop and it needs a huge update