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Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys (not bolt through), who makes them?


Just don’t use Adobe stuff LoLz


Yeah the site is acting up right now.


GIMP, or paint.net


Is this the first electric-skateboard.builders traffic hug?


GIMP for the win


If you have a Mac there’s Sketch , more illustrator orrientated but a nice UI. I personally use Figma because I’m a heathen


who gives a crap, if this number doesn’t go up soon…[insert some benign threat here]…


I’m on the phone with shopify…

They won’t be up for at least for another hour


Shopify is having a problem, I can’t even log into the admin



The suspense is killing me. Haha.


With Shopify still down, and my slow internet I’m gonna say that the pulleys won’t be listed until tomorrow. I will let you all know a time when I know one


I can’t believe you’ve done this.


If we preordered back in April we guaranteed how ever many pulleys we preordered in this batch? As I probably won’t be able to get them back on tonight. Also did you send out the codes cause I didn’t get one.



hey i’m going to get the motor pulleys too, if those are on the way can you hold my order until you get them?





Aw damn I will still be at work at 4pm EST. Since I preordered in May will that hold 2 pulleys for me?


T-minus 5 minutes!


Could we see a picture of how much bite there is on a caliber truck with the nut flipped please @JLabs



Probably ganna cop some kegal ones next week

if i copped the set , i would just need to buy the kegal adapters right?