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Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys (not bolt through), who makes them?


Cant wait! im already in line!



Unf, this is sexual Jared.


Woah this looks beautiful!





Sure I’ll have a free set!




They’re down there somewhere, let me have another look.


Just got back from an hour long ride testing the pulleys. I’m 100% confident in them. After I get pictures and edit them they will be on the website.

Very bad roads that were just chipped so I know vibrations won’t get to them


I have a feeling this is going to go fast like the TSG helmets.


I have been waiting since April when i did the preorder for these things to come. Just to confirm which I’m pretty sure you have already but might as well double check. These pulleys you dont need to modify the standard Caliber trucks correct?


Correct, you do not have to modify standard caliber trucks.

For those who pre ordered the standard pulleys a long time ago I will be emailing a coupon code to use for the new pulleys.


are the motor pulleys out of stock or no, says it’s out of stock on the item description:


I asked @JLabs the same question via PM. They are in on this delivery, he will restock the site soon.




What about the 265mm belts? Are the 15mm back in stock as well?


Yes they are I just didn’t get time to update it.

@thisguyhere the motor pulleys were accidentally left at the forwarder and didn’t make it in the first package. They are all ready on their way with some other little bits. Should be more that 4 days.

All pulleys will ship Tuesday/Wednesday of next week as I’m waiting on bolts to come in. I accidentally ordered the wrong length. (The motor pulleys should be here by then too)


Ok, you’re officially killing me.



@JLabs How are you going to handle the pre-order for the new pulleys?