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Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys (not bolt through), who makes them?


This is my question too. I guess we could just use a few SR bearings and a spacer - its how im running the dickeyho pulley now.


@Sender @akhlut I’m assuming that means your using surfrodz with extended axles. In that case, couldn’t you use another bearing?

I will look, but I’m not sure a bearing that size exists.


@brenternet @kiwi_skate for the pulley I don’t want to do any pre-orders. Shouldn’t be too much longer, delivery is scheduled for Wednesday (for some reason the package went to Alaska and not mainland, so it was bumped back another day).

It should work on standard caliber 2’s with 15mm belts and dual 6354. I want to get them in and test for to 100% confirm.


@JLabs Tb hangers with 6374 should work too right ?


Awesome. Thanks for the update. Look forward to the next update!

Im in New Zealand. You are able to ship international ok?


Yes, they will work fine.


Yep, international shipping is possible! I just adjusted the shipping rates to make them more affordable for small packages less than 1lb


Do you have a set of evolve trucks to test on as well? I would love a set


I do not, but I’m pretty sure @mmaner does and he expressed interest in the pulleys.

Mike if you get a set would you mind slapping them on the evolve trucks?


I would, buy I sold mine. Was not a fan of the evolve/double kingpin trucks.


Ahh no biggie, anyone else got a set of evolve trucks and want to try them out?

I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t work.


When will they be available to purchase?


As soon as fedex gets them to me… in Memphis right now.


I’m pretty sure they will work, the 10mm shoulder might be an issue but it’s still usable with a 10mm bearing.


Delivery day was moved up!! They should be up tonight for sale! I will need to get them processed and everything, but you should be able to get them today.

I will need a few days to fulfill orders as I have a huge backlog I need to get through for other items.



44T. Cannot wait.


I’ll refresh your site every 10 mins


They aren’t delivered yet… I will then have to photograph them and do all that jazz


Waiting for BKB kegel wheel pulleys…



I have been busy fulfilling previous orders as they take presidence over the pulleys. I will be going live on instagram at 7:45 EST to open the pulleys and test them out.

Live on Instagram in 35 mins