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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


This …iv unfortunately not yet but started very soon


Same 10char


Also ditto same


The haya guys are really showin us up


Haha all I’ve seen is pictures of test fitting stuff. We have those too!


@moone what about this?


Boys & girls …Merry Christmas everyone. I have one more extra Hyper Beast deck for sale that I was keeping for myself incase I need second unit. It’s packed and ready to ship. I’d rather sell it to someone in EUROPE as it’s easier and quicker when it comes to shipping. Price is 290EUR + shipping. DM me for paypal details. Shipping in EU was usually around 3-5 days not sure how it is now before christmas.


I’ll take it and sell for 390EUR :crazy_face:




Lol why am I tagged? I already have one. :rofl:




Sorry my man I was looking through the HAYA refugees, your name popped up, I’m assuming @LukePL is kidding?


Sure I’m… I know bad joke :wink:


Would be a dream realized if I had left any dough. Thanks for the shout-out @banjaxxed. I hope whoever ends up with this beast knows they have a sweet piece of Esk8 history.


I’m not a haya refugee, I’m intentionally in batch two. You’re beta testing for me :smiley:


i scrolled up and saw you guys



Dang I would have loved to take it @NAF but I’m in the US :cry:


Is it regular or double stacked? Myn is sitting on my deskt along with a hummie deck and a pile of other parts. Could never have too many parts tho…


I am interested , I am in Los Angeles


HEHEHE :crazy_face::crazy_face: