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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!



By the way …Seikeau there is a learning curve on how to properly close the lid, as I have noted that my wife was confused on how to do that. Basically you need to apply some force with your thumbs right next the button. Just use some pressure to close it. Also take care of your deck …and before you attach your trucks …put something soft underneath it so you won’t get it scratched.

Also…when drilling holes for your cables: – USE A SMALL DRILL to PRE DRILL the hole …and always drill from the outside to the inside.


Thanks, yeah I figured that out about closing the lid, was afraid to apply force at first.

Was thinking about picking up these 1/16’’ risers, what do you reckon?


These should be good. Also .if you can …please get yourself one of these drill bits:

One thing for you to notice: there is VECTRAN inside the deck which is a lot harder material to drill through than carbon fiber. So that’s why you should pre drill with small drill from the outside and then use one of those STEPPED DRILL BITS .

Ok. I am going to bed as it’s super late at night here in CALI. Keep in touch guys.


Oh this is blank? The letters on it turned me off but if its blank i might cop


Sale is over but the lessers were just cut out grip tape so pretty easy to replace


To be honest I really like Hyper Beast cut outs but that clean grip without any letters being CUT looks so damn good I’ve decided to leave it as it is . CLEAN. But it’s still easy for anyone to cut any shape they like. All LIDS are painted with BLACK colour underneath so that’s an option for everyone.



So there’s no more future sales? Can’t get anymore ?


There might be but you’d be waiting a while.



Don’t know about the second batch, but @scepterr is MIA and his board is ready to ship.


Just send it to him anyway, that way it’s like a little surprise present to remind him of us


the point is NAF need to collect the remaining payment.


i am still interested in a board if anyone has pulled out. If they are ready to ship.


Ahh, get you. Maybe a little note with it to remind him to pay? I’m sure he wouldn’t just not pay


The issue is group 2 is waiting on @scepterr so that @naf can ship the second groups decks


Just got mine


Plenty of space, thats an ol’ 10s4p I had around.


Umm… :confused: did you mount the trucks upside down, lol? I thought the lid was on top.


For testing purposes