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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Nope sadly not yet



  • Do not stand on your decks without the trucks being attached.

  • Go to your car supply store and buy yourself MATTE - Cockpit car wipes.
    After you take your decks out of the box - it will have bubble marks all over it from the bubble protection foam. It’s normal. Polyurethane has to breathe. To get rid of it, just wipe it with your car wipes, and wait a few minutes after that just use paper towel to clean it, and you are good to go.

  • Do not unscrew any of the screws, and there is a lot of them. There are hinge screws, lid screws, button stud screws and so on. Some of you have tendency to unscrew everything, but in this case just don’t touch anything unless you see something gets loosen up. Loctite and glue was applied where it was supposed to be applied so don’t unscrew anything.

  • You don’t need to use truck risers. Wheel well cut outs do a great job so big ass truck risers are not needed…but it’s good to use those tiny thin rubber truck pads so you won’t scratch your deck.

  • The gasket that we have used is a hard foam that goes alongside the length of the deck. There is no gasket at the front of the lid and it’s done on purpose. The lid needs to be more flexible at the front so you can close it properly. Just in case you need a gasket in the front - use additional Acoustic Gasket that will be attached to your deck.

  • That hard foam gasket should compress after a month of usage and should soften a little bit and get smaller and so the lid should level out with the deck itself. We have tested it in our prototype and it worked well. Hover just in case I have attached additional acoustic gasket. This gasket is much softer and also works great however it just doesn’t look as good as that hard foam gasket.

  • Protect your kicktails. Use proper tail bone guards so the kicktail won’t get scratch. The kick tail on BEAST is pretty big and it will get scratch quickly - these are black and should look great: https://www.nativeskatestore.co.uk/skateboards-c7/skateboard-rails-c115/tailbone-8-black-p29704

  • For nose protection use one of these, it just have to be flexible and it need to be properly attached with screws. : https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1980s-POWELL-PERALTA-NOSEBONE-SKATEBOARD-NOSE-GUARD-/123199489842

  • For small quick paint repairs use Birchwood FLAT BLACK : https://www.amazon.com/Birchwood-Casey-Super-Black-Touch-Up/dp/B00JSAE0ZY/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=sports-and-fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1457829837&sr=1-1&keywords=birchwood+casey+super&linkCode=sl1&tag=firemountaino-20&linkId=cec1844702f3f94480b9ad152e75fb70

  • Don’t worry about Poliurethane getting scratched. Yes it will get scratched eventually as it’s not scratch proof but it’s super easy to repair. Buy at your local paint retailer - 50ml of polyurethane 1020 - RAL 9005 matte . Keep it mixed with thinner, and for minor repairs just buy a very tiny brush for detailed works. Use only about 10ml of paint and mix it with a little bit of hardner. You can do repairs like that very quickly - paint dries after 15minutes. The best thing about POLY is that it is THICK and fills scratches really really nice. Additionally you can use Flexible 3m - 1500 grit sandpaper to smoothen the scratch.


OK …I got everyones name from group 1. Hold on.


When does group 2 start?


Will you do a 2nd batch?



wait, aren’t you in Ireland?


Holding on for a PM. :hugs:


Holding on.image


So what happened?


Depending on when payment was sent, it is getting close to the 180 day limit for opening a paypal dispute.
Just something for the people who had paid for this to be aware of.


@NAF whats happening?


I got a tracking number. It arrived in the counrty today, should be at my door on monday. Will let you guys know :slight_smile:


If anyone want to back out I’ll buy one person deck in us ?


Ah man come on you bastards let @NAF go


Well got it a tracking. Last I checked, It said it left Poland but not yet landed in the US. General update is we ppl in group 1 are waiting for the shipping.


I Have tracking as well, so its on its way


It is here and it is real :heart_eyes:! Will post some pictures somewhere after work tonight.


You has to post now!!! Ahahahah


It’s real brotha :slight_smile: