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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Oh, haha got it :smile:


My deck is on the way. Excited!


LOVE IT DUDE !!! Yep you should have ton of space there. All I can say is that I wish I had deck like yours. I am waiting for my Beast too… which I should get maybe in two weeks :slight_smile: but mine is not gonna be as pretty as yours. I am riding rough unpainted prototype…however with slightly bigger battery compartment.


It seems like it should be solved today …and we can move on.


Can u pm me my details


Yes …check your DM’s in 30minutes.


One thing though ! Use some thicker neoprane beneath and above the batteries so during the ride they won’t be jumping like crazy. In my deck I am using 5mm neoprane. When I close the lid it gets compressed and nicely wraps around the batteries.


@NAF please let me know whats happening bro


Someone who is a friend with @scepterr contacted me and sent me his private email and asked to contact him which I did. I am waiting for his response. I let him knew about price increase and that you want his double stack.


Sound man


Anyone have one for sell ?


It came :heart_eyes:

a couple mil high at the top of the lid and a few scratches on the push button. Not complaining tho. Elbow grease is never perfect.


@scepterr @willpark16 @Latemate - yours just got shipped. Sending you guys tracking.


@NAF I got it. Whooohooo. Bigger than I thought, just right. I’m gonna say it now. Double stack FTW!

@mmaner suck it! :wink:


That was quick !


Hey so this double stack is sick. I think I can fit 13s5p with bms and dual focbox.

EDIT some photos. Hummie deck and R2 for scale.


Hehehe …I know …right? At some point even I started to wish that my own deck was double stacked. But hey …I can’t wait till I show you guys images of my own deck …it looks like a piece of shit, so I need to work on it some more :smiley: I have built decks for all of you guys except myself ! :smiley:


@banjaxxed @stormboard1 - pleased check your dm’s in a few hours …I want to sent out your decks together with @esk8jpn


@NAF are you considering a 2nd round? :slight_smile:


I should’ve ordered a double stack