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HAYA HB92 Integrated Deck



Thanks for the update. Its all good, no rush. It’s starting to get too wet to ride anyway so it will be more of a winter project to be ready for next year


that, made out of lexan or some other polycarbonate thats indestructible


We’ve got dark grey and white lined logos. If you got a preferred color choice let me know.

We’ll start shiping overseas decks this thursday. And European ones on Sat/Monday.

(No logo decks were already shipped yesterday)



I got my tracking number :facepunch:t4:, sweet


Also 2 Light(er) Grey ones:


As someone who didn’t order a deck, I think the lighter grey looks coolest


Agreed, lighter gray for me please!


@bevilacqua I would also prefer a light grey as well please.


Crap. I didnt see thw lighter gray… i just chose the dark grey.too late


I would like light grey as well. If that’s not available then my second choice would be the dark grey. Looks fantastic, great job!


Light grey FTW! :fist_right:

These decks look so nice! :ok_hand: I wonder if the phase wire holes come out in line with the gap on surf rodz RKP hangers? Seems likely.


should have more clearance


These are looking mad, I so wish I ordered one!


Ohh and the idea of a clear polycarb top makes me really interested. Because I can confirm for sure if there is water inside or not after a really heavy rain ride. :heart_eyes: And would look cool. :sunglasses:


Yeah that’s a good idea for using a clear lid! Any chance y’all could offer different lid choices, lol. I’d definitely buy a spare lid if it was clear…


Or share the files so we can make them


10 charizards


to much to do right now, maybe in the future


Heck yeah I just recieved my shipping information for my haya board. :slight_smile:


About the clear lid, aren’t you guys putting griptape on top of your lids? Making a clear one pretty useless.