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Haggyboard : esk8 street and AT boards and components



I’ve got a bucket of modded skike 5” wheels. They exist!


Me too… If anyone wants them.






I might be also interested :wink:


Haha, there’s a reason these gentlemen don’t mind giving away skike wheels, they are atrocious :smiley:


Looking T H I C C and sturdy


It’s true they aren’t the best, but they were all we had years ago!


Thanks mate :blush: !
It should be,… it will be !!!

I should be able to test it in early 2019 now.

I share the 60T universal pulley from Timo, remixed for TB218, with bearing seat.

Unfortunately, I haven’t my 3D printer fixed yet… So I share a bit in advance maybe.
I will update it, but if someone wants/could test it, I thank him in advance :wink:

Am I thinking about a 50T too, for lower kv ? Does it interest someone?


Is this going to happen at some point?


hi @jaatis: in the process of taking product pictures. sorry for this oversight and for not having put the HAGGY DRIVE SYSTEM - (BERGMEISTER) on the website in time.
At the moment I am being flooded with emails and inquiries.
Once the website has been updated, the HAGGY DRIVE SYSTEM - (BERGMEISTER) will be USD 619,- (incl. shipping if you use the discount code “FREESHIPPING” at the checkout.
If you fancy a set now, let me know by pm or email and I ll arrange it for you.



@Riako what size spacer is required between the wheel bearing and pulley bearing?


Hey Cort,
You should use an 3mm spacer actually :wink: (or like 3 x 1mm speedring - but the stl folder is still in improvement ).

About that, as Timo says

Its a part of the adjustment, as I 1st would like to make it simple, in just one piece.
He tested the 1st version with a Taiwan esk8 squad rider, it fits perfectly, just this little gap to complete.
But reading you make me doubt about the one piece system, cause the axle is not stepped like the Kahua (so the wheel is directly pressed against the shoulder of the diameter change), and there will be a lot of force exercised on the plastic/alloy piece. There are 3 areas that the driver support against the wheel rim at different heights: the inner bearing area, the screw spacer and the external/outer flank of the rim.

Maybe it’s more doable with a CNC alloy type driver …
What do you think guys?

Bourgogne-Board | Arbor Axis 40" | BERGMEISTER AT Wheels | Supercarve GT truck | 5065 140kV | Dual FSESC4.20 | 10s 5Ah | GT2B 3D print

Some other comparative photos :



Hi im thinking about pulling the trigger on the full AT kit with trucks. Can anyone comment on how the motors & trucks are? planning to use this setup on a hummie deck.


Not ridden the trucks yet … But they’re wide, looks super strong and for the wheels, they are really good on all surfaces/weather (mostly ridden around 5/0°C on AT for me).
I think the motor has changed now, what I can tell it’s all smell pretty good and Timo is like a communication Boss if you need anything :wink:


Hi Justin
Don’t pull the trigger jet. There will be some exciting new rim colors to choose from. I expect to receive them within the next 7 working days.
For the time being we are keeping the 6364 motors (same manufacturer as sk3 ) but for the future we will upgrade to 6374.
if you are unhappy with the current motors, they can easily be changed with the newer ones at a later stage.
If U have any questions let me know.



Still wanna get my hands on a pair of these.


Yeah, follow you, I don’t how I could stay around them without running them ^^

This WE I will maybe start to make some serious change on the Burgunboard ! Like swap the electric under the deck on the HagXis to run this Kahua truck, Haggy motor and hooooo … HOOOO a belt again !! :grin: (It should be the board of my beautiful and for friends, future riders etc).


Whats the word on these?