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Free Eskate Stickers


@Itsmedant Yes there are still some left. Just send me your adress :smile:


Great sticker @Sebike :joy:
But I have a direct drive so my sticker would look more like that



is that a direct drive? 1:1 or is that Gear Drive with a reduction?



This was a joke, I know this direct drive discussion since a long time :wink:
I have a 1:5 so called direct drive :laughing: sorry @b264


It’s okay, I’m in the process of opening a company called Real :registered: that makes fake cheese.

Then I can sell Real Cheese and make tons of money. :smirk:


oh, didn’t that discussion called that a gear drive? anyway back to the topic. I can’t wait to get some stickers!


We should make a sticker for

Double Super Mega Continuous Unbroken Nonstop Unswerving Gearless Direct Undirect Gear Drive


Those are awsome!
I want :heart_eyes:


@Mikenopolis @b264 you are right it is a gear drive no doubt, therefore I wrote “so called” because it’s sold as direct drive.

Sorry for disturbing your thread @Mich21050


hahaha!!! ahhh great


I have these stickers on my board image


Ok, so I got a few updates. :smile:

  1. Please check your pm. I still need a few names for shipping.
  2. I just spent about 2 hours making stickers and packing them up. I´m dropping them of tomorrow so expect your stickers in about a week.
  3. Please be carefull when peeling back the protective film. :smile: So you do’t peel of the thin plastic laier :smile:


I still got some stickers so if you want any just shoot me a pm :smile:


I would love some gear drive related ones if you have any

What machine do you use to make this?


I would be more than happy to print some if you can design them :smile:
Maybe @Sebike


What file format?


png or jpg. I don´t mind :smile:


Maybe see if you can do something like that…

It would be awesome since topcloud spent a lot of time and money on this nice project. I was hoping to do this anyway but it would be a completely new thing to do


I can try but I’m not 100% how it will look :smile: