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Free Eskate Stickers


So I just wanted to give something back to this awesome community so I came up with the idea of handmade stickers. I hope you like them. :smile:
I can ship anywhere in the world at my own expense. If you want any just shoot me a pm. :smiley:

So currently I have two types of stickers:

2019 Esk8 convention?
Up to 99wh battery label/sticker?

Those are great.


Thank you :smile:
Let´s see if there´s any acutal interrest in these :slight_smile:


Im sure there will be, those are cool as hell :slight_smile:


Where are the

“that is NOT direct drive”



I you can deisgn some I would be more than happy to print them :smile:


Awesome stickers!

I think we all need a #BuiltNotBought sticker on our DIYs


@Mikenopolis If you want some just send me a pm with your adress :smile:


So my first attempt sucks. :frowning:
Can please someone who know’s what he’s doing make the not a direct drive and #BuiltNotBought sticker :smile:


If it´s not clear. Just send me a pm if you want stickers :smile:




That looks awesome. I’m going to make these tomorrow. :smile:
@Sebike do also want a few stickers? :smile:


:rofl: throwing a like at you

thanks! stickers would be awesome, especially with a @b264 quote! :sweat_smile:


Just send me your adress. :smile:


I love stickers


For a few days now I was thinking of starting a sticker exchange thread, maybe even something like the secret santa

I have some skate.ch stickers they arent fancy but for me cool since i got some haribos with my order :smiley:

That anti push one is great!


@Skunk send me your adress and I will send you some :smile:


The back to the belt drive are awesome ! Sign me up


@PickSix24 same for you… just send me your adress :smile:


Dude these are awesome man! Congrats on these, if there are any extra, I’ll gladly throw them on my work laptop with pride!