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Free Eskate Stickers


Yeah it’s a very complicated design lol


@topcloud Would you be ok with me using your design :smile:


Sorry I shouldn’t have said it was his design.

The following artwork is an independent artist’s original, hand-drawn and hand-colored interpretation of decorative artwork found on a vintage, out-of-production Landyachtz longboard.

This original art is public domain for non-commercial use, specifically, to apply as “fan art” to a commercially-available Landyachtz longboard.

Please, don’t steal from Landyachtz.


But it looks dope :smile:


In other words it’s ok to use as long as you are not profiting from it


So if I’m giving them away for free it would be ok? :wink:


I guess so yeah. Are you making stickers by just printing them on a normal printer and with label paper?


Yes. But I stick like a thin film of plastic on it to make them more durable and waterproof :smile:
It’s a lot of work :wink:


I want to see that sticker on something now


Time to get them sent out :smile:


@moon on my daily commuter board :smile:


@moon Do you want some stickers? :smile:
Just send me a pm if you want some :smile:


I will wait. Thanks though


@Mich21050 dude thank you for this

Im sorry I didn’t want to think I was ignoring you in your posts…

Every little give back means everything to the DIY peeps…

Thank you bro


Thank you. :smile:
If you want some just send me a pm :smile:


Sticker away!


@topcloud Same thing for you. If you want stickers just send me a pm with your adress :smile:


Ok so I just send out 24 envelopes each one containing a sticker set (2 stickers of every kind) :smile:
I still got some stickers so just send me a pm when you want some :smile:


Want some but I’m mid move.
Would be best to wait a week so i can use the new address.
I want some that say "Fu*k pushing "


I’m teribble at designing. Maybe you can make some :smile: