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I don’t think it is continuous look more like MAX amp… 60A is continuous I think


MIght not be about the motor, but having the wrong setting for the motor won’t help ether, since the motor might not like the overload current.


Does the stuttering trigger any faults?


Not as far as i know

Edit: Troubleshooting with Jeff in dm to not spam this thread, will post solution!

Edit 2: Have various suggestions, will run through them and post results


You’re seemingly correct about the specs actually, though I was told different by a seller on Ali. I’ll go with the specs sheet after all on this one…


Ok so the solution is: if you’re running FOC sensored, under FOC hall sensor detection set unsensored erpm to 15% more than stock. I have mine at 4500 now and I can pull as hard as I dare without issue. Thanks so much for the quick solution @Deodand!


Is this “bug” going to be fix’d in a future update ?


This is native to the vesc fw, @Deodand was thinking of a way to have that paremeter automatically adjusted with the motor detection. So it is in the works


Will we be able to set a different “Beta Value for Motor Thermistor” for each motor in the future update? @Deodand

Silver motors on a Raptor 2.0 with thermal throttling disabled, took me 5 minutes to get these temps:

The only solution I have left is to put back my focboxes and flash ackmaniac’s firmware to set beta value’s that aren’t limited to 4-thousand-something


What Beta have you set it at?
5 min. sounds too fast for so much heat.
@barajabali what is the correct Beta we should set the motors at?


It’s currently at stock. My motors temps differ so much that they need to be calibrated individually. Or is one motor really getting so much hotter? Anyway, I don’t have the tools or know how to find/calibrate the right number for the Beta value’s for left and right.

I don’t think a single higher Beta Value for both motors can fix the throttling issues the followings setups should be experiencing:

  • Old Raptor 2’s with silver replacement motors
  • Raptor 2.0 with silver motors
  • Raptor 2.1
  • Kit buyers

Calibration within a controlled temperature or external temp read out will be necessary.


My motor temps where differing similar to yours, I got told that the heelside motors run always hotter.
The default Beta seems to be wrong and Enertion is working on it. But 5 min to 150°C is ridiculous fast and seems to be wrong from my experience.


Well the thing is. I have two broken silver motors that only run well uncensored. So Bara send me two new silver motors. The temps you see in the screenshot are from the two new silver motors. Their temperature difference is really big.

So I switched the new silver motor with the 152 Celcius in the screenshow to one of the old Silver motors that doesn’t run censored very well.

With the same testing conditions the temperature now only differs about 5 Celcius between the two motors. A temperature difference that seems more logical to me.

So maybe the motor temps really vary that much or maybe the calibrations numbers should be different per every unique motor. Maybe only my 152 Celsius motor is really far off or maybe many more are. I don’t know. Not much data to find.

Nothing to find on how to properly calibrate the Beta value. I also don’t understand how calibration can be done with a single number. You would atleast need 2 calibration points. One for let’s say 10 Celsius and other one for 50 Celsius. A third calibration point will get you even better results.

I there a Beta Value Captain in the house?


Hi man ! That suck :confused: do you think your motor really get this hot , or its just the software that is bad reading the temp?


I’m pretty sure it’s a wrong temperature readout.

When I was at a groupride @sayekim had a temp gun with him and he measured something like 50 Celsius on the axle while my Unity app on android was saying 100 Celsius.


Hello! There will be an update shortly with firmware changes but if you want you can change the beta to 3900 and the temp throttling to 70 start and 165 end


Will this also fix the 34 Celsius difference between my 2 motors? Will there be a guide on individual motor temp sensor calibration? Or do I have a single weird motor?

Sorry for all the questions :sweat_smile: I have this huge groupride coming on Feb 5th where we will be renting a go-cart track for 5 hours with 50+ e-boarders and wanne rock that track :smiley:


I would wait to try the new firmware fix, if that doesnt solve the temp difference then it may be a hardware fault. What is likely happening is that the other motor isn’t actually getting much hotter, the sensor is just reading that since the beta is incorrect.


Can you post a screenshot of your motor calibration in the app? Curious if the winding resistance has a difference (would cause a temperature difference).



What would be the best config for
2x 6374 170kv
10s5p lg