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mate, we all have recommended the Unity

Not to be mean or anything, I just dont see why youre asking again :thinking:

Obviously if you want it asap - ordering through the Enertion website is going to take awhile, unless you find someone selling theirs from the preorder or if they had some other option - go with the max 6


Ok. Sorry it’s just a lot of money and just trying to get a wide spectrum of reviews and thoughts so I can make the right deshion the first time. Dident mean to piss anyone off.


Youre not making anyone angry, we just dont like to repeat ourselves :joy:

I think that your money is wasted on the max 6 when the Unity is only slightly less (regular retail price)

The customizability of it

The design is vastly superior

Foc mode(not sure if the max has this, but I mean come on who doesnt love the idea of silent zoomies)

and most importantly the support behind it, Blasto and Carl are the only reasons I was comfortable with the purchase, I knew and still know that if something happens out of the norm, I can depend on the customer service I need for an item like this

e: also Ive heard mixed reviews about the breaks on the max 6, some are either very jarring or others seem to have it dialed in perfectly… I wouldnt take the chance to have one unit that functions well and one that doesnt :crazy_face:


Ok ive made up my mind and im buying the max 6 tonight



Defiantly unity


Is the motor settings per motor or altogether? I would assume the battery settings is altogether, so if I did 30A on each focbox previously, that means I should do 60A battery max here right?


Yea, that’s correct.


So the motor setting is per motor?


Ah sorry misread a bit, yeah motor setting is per motor and battery setting is all together.


So according to my set up @ 50a battery max = to 25a per focbox?? :thinking:


Don’t mean to draw the discussion to another topic but enertion support told me that if I buy the unity now I will receive it late February early March. should I expect that to be true or will the wait be longer?


It’s accurate in case of Unity shipments


What’s the ETA for next Unity_UI firmware update?


So somebody else I know and myself has been having this weird issue where if I accelerate too hard, the motor stutters. But if I accelerate slightly not as hard, everything is fine. I’m at battery 80a -30a, motor 95a -60 stock non testing firmware. I’m a bit at a loss as to what the issue is. Confirmed on regular focboxes that my hardware is good.


What Motor do you use?


Those are rated for 65A… trying to push 95A into it might not be good…


Sorry I could be wrong. I’m guessing she’s talking about her haya build but I’m not sure. @sofu can you confirm?


Also i think that’s 95A for both motors. So it would be 47.5A per motor


setting are per motor… so it is 95A for each one


6880s. As far as I’m aware they’re rated for 65A continuous which I’m far below, and on acceleration where it stutters I never draw above 50A per. It’s not about the motors anyways, since my friend is using sk8s and has the same issue…