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I specifically asked you to inbox the credentials,
i am not on chats because of my off days


I have zero clue what inboxing is, man. My skills are at a different area …


@Sn4pz Posted a screenshot about it
open my profile, click message (blue box)





I’ve lost power to the battery meter. It showed up while initially setting up, but now I’m testing and putting the final parts together, it’s dead. I’ve got three and all are dead.

Is there a fuse that I could have blown?



R88 right beside the connector is a 300mA fuse, if it’s blown it would need to be replaced. Those LCD’s take less than 10mA, either the polarity was wrong or there’s a problem with your LCD. The fuse would have not blown for nothing.


Tried it out but I have to update my OSX on my old MacBook pro to use the Unity software.


Will the UI be updated to show all 4 motors if we run 4wd?


@Blasto thanks for that. Is that user replace or RTB? I can’t see the fuse, I presume it’s under what looks like thermal paste and I don’t want to start dismantling for no reason.



it’s a 0603 pcb mounted fuse, circled in red


acceptable replacement or just short it out with a small wire


thanks for that, had a good laugh, “oh no i didn’t spill anything on my laptop never ever” tons of water damage

Luckily the fuse did blow to prevent any further damage :+1:


@Blasto that’s fantastic, above and beyond.

There was thermal paste over that, it looks far too small for my dodgy eyes to get out. Bridged it with a screwdriver and no joy.


Made some adapters and hooked up my Unity and wow it’s so simple and clean. I am running and older version of OSX so the Unity Tool does not work on my laptop but I did the entire set up on my Android phone and everything worked flawlessly.

@onloop I’m actually impressed this product lives up to the Hype. I asked my self why I would buy a Unity before my Focboxes blew up and now I understand just how much better and convenient the Unity is.


@Deodand what’s the power output for the led on the power switch? instructions for button that i have says i need to add a resistor if the source is > 3v


No need for a resistor, it’s on the Unity



The unity is great so far!

Only constructive comment to add, maybe the FOC_UI program could have a higher top speed than 35mph. Even if it’s the 1% of folks needing to see those numbers. The hardware certainly seems to support the 1% which is more than anyone could ask for. :call_me_hand:


Sure I’ll make it an option in the settings tab.


would anyone recommend this for a mountain board or should i just buy 2 max 6 esc’s


Probably the 3rd or forth time you’ve asked this in these threads. So I’ll try and help you out. Sure it is. But so are other vescs. Depends on what you’re looking for features wise, size of the units, durability, ect… Pull the trigger dude