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You can use a mico usb panel mount and have it on the outside so you dont have to take of the enclosure every time.


This might have been already answered but I can’t find it. How do you set a max speed on a unity through the focbox ui?


Something I need to add still.


I wish the ramp accelerate and ramp break time were in the standard interface also. Maybe have an “advanced” tab to keep the ui clean


How can i get the experimental ios app :)?


I contacted Carl at the enertion page . I try to find the link and than sending it to you . I tried this on my IMac it works kind of . Result is every time different. Also both wheels spinning with different RPMs, start and stop not synchronized, don’t know how to fix this . Bought a cheap Microsoft laptop and try to work with this


Will share once I have it :slight_smile:


I am availble now for team viewer session, Inbox me on forum


Hi Carl , sorry I’m at work and can’t leave . 2pm here . Could leave in 3hours and at home in 3:5 hours . Would that work ?


I’m logged in here with my phone , try to find some info , screen shots, any help to set up my unity . But can not find anything . And the self detection from the unity does not work .


Let me know whenever you reach home


I. Promise champ


ready when you are , thanks for waiting


@CarlCollins :arrow_up: :slight_smile:


Ready now, inbox the ID and password of teamViewer


rrrretelklh so ist es


You should delete this, I would be worried of remote highjack

use PM for private chats


You should be inboxing that information man


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its deleted
and I was wondering why you asking this here