Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD




Yes, I’m not sure how much they will chase it if you don’t pay either. I’ve only had a couple of text messages. No letter.


Just got my first order delivered!



When the app for IOS will be available??


anyone know if you can use the unity wit just one motor?
for testing purposes?


Yes, If I remember correctly they can run independently. Correct me if Im wrong.


sorry to not answer your question, but you made me wonder:

With motor detection, can they both be done at once? If they can be done independently I guess thats also an answer to your question :slight_smile:


yes you can run a single motor, make sure to tape up properly the second set of phase leads. Also during the motor detection, when prompted to spin the wheel, you will need to let it timeout. spin the single wheel and wait 15 seconds for the timeout


Not for quite a while seeing as Jeff just finished up with pre release debugging and release , now needs time to work with any issues firmware and hardware wise that may arise from the newly released unities, and iron out any bugs that he could fully catch before released and any known bugs that are present within the VESC tool.

From there he would need to recreate/create an entire app (maybe natively if he goes the iOS detection only, would be better if he did do with a language like react so that he can releases a multi-platform application that’ll allow for easier same time updates) that would allow for the configuration of the unities software , debug that , test to ensure it that it works across the various iOS versions and screens, prep it for the eventual Swift 5 changes (if native), all while adding software updates and handle bug testing for the unity.

Personally I wouldn’t expect Jeff to released such a thing , especially one with so much to go wrong for at least a year


As soon as apple starts allowing open source software ha ha ha

Buy apple trash, play apple games


thanks! i have seen that maybe i can side download it or something like that , is it possible??


@Deodand on behalf of other app developers (and myself) I would like to thank you for keeping existing version history of bldc.git and adding UNITY changes on top of that. A little meh is that you changed tabs to spaces, not that I think one is better than the other, just a general rule of thumb to keep existing style. But this is not a big deal :slight_smile: I will be adding support for Modes into Metr app very soon :wink:

Metr Pro - Next Gen Bluetooth Module

Finally got it after chasing the DHL Express courier through the city, because apparently “he couldn’t find me”… :unamused:

Am I the only one who has a “special edition” 180 degree flipped and a bit melted CAN connector though? :smiley:

EDIT: bluetooth module is quite bent too… :smiley:


thats pretty stupid. maybe talk to customer service.




what does that mean?


It’s a “variation”. That’s why I added “special edition” under my post. :wink:


variation… a mistake or a variation. lol


No that’s definitely wrong haha, I think you can pull off that white plastic housing and flip it around on the pins if you want. Do you have photos of the bent BT module?


the bent BT module could be from mishandling but the flipped CAN connector is definitly their fault. to be honest, they should send out a new one.