Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD




Would be ok to allow me to replace the plastic socket while keeping the warranty. :smiley: (@Deodand on phone call, will add soon)


i would disagree cause then it wouldn’t be in the warranty anymore, right?

update: nvm me


If you want to give it a go, we will replace it if it goes wrong. I know shipping was kind of a pain. You can also just send the unit back to us and we will get you a new one asap.

Really sorry about this. Obvious mistake from our pcb Fab they should have caught it :angry:


Basically an alternate fact. It’s not wrong, just isn’t correct either. Lol


I will check it if it works shortly, but it doesn’t look the healthy level of “straight” to me, still featuring the special edition™ CAN plug. :smiley:


It looks like it needs braces or something :joy:


Yeah the module should be fine like that. Confirm it has a piece of foam tape under it. I think we will be adding a small amount of silicone to better lock in that module in the next batch. Some hot glue might go a long way :slight_smile:

Tip from @Blasto :
Hair dryer, for like 15secs, the shroud will pull right off


I mean… I’d rather get a new shroud from my job and replace it with a new one. It’s quite “blossoming” at the moment, you can see the fixation points going wild. :slight_smile:

On a positive note, everything works fine.

Hopefully if issues arise, flipping the shroud will not void my warranty… I mean, I can’t find the “SE” marking, so perhaps not. :smiley:


Yeah, we will get this fixed one way or another. Should not have occurred in the first place but just let us know how you prefer it resolved.


“Who would win: electronics engineer or one plastic boy?”

I think I will manage replacing the shroud just fine. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I am the only one with the special edition. :smiley:


Yeah fingers crossed the reflow person got an angry text from their significant other or something haha, bit distracted… Not sure how the rest of the line didn’t notice as it was passing through 2 separate test jigs. Sigh.


Feel the urge to go check mine lol


I think the assymetry is hard to not see


That was the indicator.


please do :rofl:


I haven’t really took mine outta the box. Maybe one second


Poor neglected unity. He needs your love and attention.


All I have at the moment with an XT60 is a 4S drone battery.


6 of them. I will order some series adapters to test motor outputs etc, as my Li-Ion 12S6P pack is not yet made. :smiley:


@Deodand 1 beer and 1 minute later, it looks like it’s no more a Special Edition™ version. :slight_smile:



Nice work. Hopefully that’s the only unique behaviour you get the pleasure of experiencing from this special edition release.