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It’s a momentary switch. Short press for on long press for off. It fits in a 12mm hole for panel mount.


Wow that switch is a real clean look can’t wait to receive and install.



Nice! Will the final switch light be white like in the photo?


Wouldn’t it be a latch switch not a momentary


Yes the switch will be a white light. We figured a neutral color would be best for matching all builds. It isn’t hard to wire up your own momentary switch to be compatible either, and the pinout also has support for bi-color LEDs though I still need to code that functionality. @Hummie the switch is momentary, the microcontroller handles the latching-on functionality for the board. We will make a demo video once the production samples arrive demoing it.


@Deodand are you guys having fun?


Yeah, gets a bit frustrating when we are debugging and things aren’t working, but once it works its the best feeling. Plus then I get to go for a ride to test :smile:


I’m glad, it shows. Now chat to the team and get the price down by 1/3rd so that we all buy a few.


The price is competitive against any other equally specced vesc-based design out there, and it reflects the large R/D costs we have put in to make a reliable product, and the ongoing cost we will continue to furnish to further improve the software/user experience.

We may offer a lower power/cost/footprint variant that may hit around that price-point sometime in the future to accommodate smaller builds or 4WD builds where 70 amps per motor would be a bit much, but that is a ways off.


I’m only messing with you, you’re doing great work and once these are locally immediately available I’ll consider one.


The size of the switch is an important factor that can not be ignored.
It solves DIY concerns of users, it is wonderful.


Focbox Unity Pre-production ramp up batch complete. We have enough time to do another round of intensive testing and DFM analysis and tweaking before hitting the trigger on the bulk production.

UNITY will be ready in November.


Is there any way to route the power leads out the back?

It looks compact but those leads are making it way wider than it needs to be


will the final product have the useless USB C hole in the enclosure shown in the picture?

looking hella amazing though.


Then it would become “way longer than it needs to be”? The wires are silicone and bend readily. The net width of the Unity with bent wires is somewhere between 13 and 14cm which is going to match the width of two 18650s stacked end to end and wrapped pretty dead dead on. You could reflow the solder pads where the power connector comes in and rotate them to get closer to a right angle if space was really tight for some reason.

@nuttyjeff I’m assuming you mean the one in the top of the picture? There’s LEDs in there placed symmetric to the USB C, was supposed to be a thin semi/transparent silicone film over them but I think the factory tore it off thinking it was an artifact of molding process. The color isn’t correct either.


That would void the warranty, wouldn’t it?


Probably? Another option would be to heat gun the side and apply the bend, I’ll get a couple photos showing total width, and report back if heating wires helps anything.


Ah ok that explains it. Thanks for clarifying!


Best answer ever.


Suppose I should have said “Only if we find out” :wink: