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Raptor 2.1 is not shipping for 8-10 weeks according to there website.


I can probably swing the Carvon but it would be a stretch. Sent the guy a message inquiring about availability and haven’t heard back


If you go carvon then I recommend you go 4wd. Not much torque with 2wd when accelerating from stand still but speed there is plenty of.

When you do get going there is torque.
It felt pretty fricken awesome going from 20mph and pulling that trigger.

I went 35mph on mine and I still had plenty more to go on the trigger with only 2wd.
Here is that run.


Boards for production ramp up populated, aluminum heatsink components are delivered and silicone sample units will be delivered tomorrow. Should be about 2 weeks until we have the new units tested, then we can pull the trigger on full scale production.


Hi @Deodand.
Yesterday one question appeared here in the forum. One guy called the enertion CS and asked if the unity will replace a bms as it’s promoted as build in battery protection.
The CS said clearly, with the unity there is no need for a bms anymore.
:thinking: did I just overseen the ports for the balance wires on the unity or was it a wrong statement from the CS?
As for my understanding there is a difference between battery protection and battery management system.


actually i’m not a guy :laughing:
anyway i have the chat history with the CS, i don’t want to post it in here, but yeah that is exactly what the CS guy said to me :sweat_smile:


The Unity is not a replacement for a bms, it is incapable of balancing cells.

It is capable however of cutting off the power in the case of a low voltage situation, ie if the board was left on by accident


Essentially it allows you to use a smaller charge only BMS and bypass BMS for discharge but still get battery under-voltage protection. Does not do cell-balancing as @blasto said.


That’s what I thought too.
Thx for conforming that.


:sweat_smile: nu guy in form of „hey guys“… not physically :sweat_smile: sorry if I got it wrong :wink:


kidding :laughing:

thanks for the clarification @Deodand


Under voltage protection has been a feature of all Vesc’s I would assume this is basically the same thing?


Nope, this is a hard shutoff, so it powers itself down completely. One of the features of the smart switch. Small passive drain can kill a dead unprotected battery after a week or so with a normal focbox and bypassed bms.


Ok that is pretty cool. So the e-switch allows this function. I did have one battery lose a few cells because I left my board on once, so this may have saved my battery. :+1: Its a sort of negligence protection. Haha.

Maybe it could just shut off after 4 hrs if you didn’t put in any inputs to not let the battery get dangerously low? Some people think auto off is a potential safety issue though.


When the unity shuts down, the motors will brake ?


I don’t see how that’s possible if there is no power available such as being powered off.


The only reason the motor would resist without power is if was somehow shorted. They would just free roll


full shutdown will be triggered after the voltage dips 1-2 volts below the final battery cutoff voltage level where no motor current is allowed anyway for an extended period of time. The switch is going to be fully coonfigurable in the app. Push to start and auto-shutoff after inactivity will be two modes you can enable/disable.



This is the switch mechanism that will come standard with the FocBox UNITY. It’s very low profile & compact. It will also be used in the Raptor 2.1 instead of the rocker switch.


this looks sick @onloop , is it a latching switch or a momentary one?